Answering Your Questions About our Legacy Leaders Mastermind

We are accepting new clients by application only – read on to get YOUR questions answered. 

We are now enrolling into our Legacy Leaders Mastermind by application only, and I wanted to take a moment to answer your questions about who we work with, how our program is structured, and the kind of transformations we’ve been able to provide for clients who are building teams and scaling their companies. 

 We have received a ton of questions about our mastermind, who it’s for, and the kind of results you can expect to see after working with us: so in this blog post, we’ll be breaking them down and answering them just for you.

Inside Legacy Leaders, our goal is to give 7+ figure CEOs a roadmap to scale sustainably. The biggest thing that is going to carry you, as a business owner, from million dollar years to million dollar MONTHS are systems, infrastructure and team. In the online world, most business owners are focusing mainly on marketing and customer acquisition. And while those things are essential to continued growth, you can’t sustain that growth long-term without systems and people in place. 

We want you to make the right step, not just for your business but for you as well. The Legacy Leaders Mastermind brings you into the fold and provides you with world class mentorship and support as you grow and scale your business from 7 to 8-figures and beyond. 

Below are some of the most common questions we’re asked when entrepreneurs are evaluating our program and whether or not it’s the right fit for their specific business needs. 

#1: I’ve been through a few coaching programs and/or mastermind groups. What makes Legacy Leaders different? 

Mastermind groups tend to have a variety of different structures, the four most commonly being: celebrity mastermind groups, niche mastermind groups, “woo” mastermind groups and hybrid mastermind groups. 

In a niche mastermind group, you won’t find much diversity in terms of industry. Celebrity mastermind groups are more focused on WHO versus HOW, and aren’t necessarily goal-oriented. Woo mastermind groups are great for addressing mindset blocks, but for maximum results, should be paired with some type of coaching or mentorship. 


Hybrid masterminds, like Legacy Leaders, focus on combining coaching and training with networking and masterminding. Legacy leaders is a space for 7+ figure business owners across industries (more on that later) to collaborate, bounce ideas, and learn the critical skills required to build multi-million dollar, self-led organizations through dream teams and strategic systems. 

The benefit of being part of a mastermind group like this is that you will not only get to hear what’s working and what’s current from established business owners across industries and niches, but you will also simultaneously focus on business growth and team development along the way. 

If you’re someone who’s tired of being the smartest person in the room, Legacy Leaders is the place to be. 


#2: I’m a busy CEO with limited time in my schedule – how much of a time commitment is the program? 

Our mastermind group meets weekly on Thursdays, and you can expect to spend about 1.5 hours with us. Our calls are a mix between hot seat style coaching with myself, high level strategic guidance from guest experts that we bring in (In the past, we’ve had guests like Dana Jacoby, President of Vector Medical), and our executive team to give you insights on various legs of your business: finance, marketing, legal, HR, and more. 

In addition, we also host 3 in-person meetups each year – included in the cost of the program. To accommodate our clients across the globe, we host meetups on the east coast, west coast, and central. Our in-person events are two days long, and combine expert trainings with hot-seat coaching where each client gets a chance to laser in on their specific needs. 

You will also have access to our back end membership site, which you can go through on your own as needed (you don’t need to complete modules in order, and you may find that you don’t need all of the modules we provide). Our membership site includes trainings on everything from training and onboarding new hires, to conducting effective interviews, to auditing your team’s productivity, to retaining top performers. Plus, you also get access to our The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program and Legacy Builders Program membership sites (which your team can use for a plethora of training: from marketing, to sales, to service delivery). 

#3: What kind of business owners join your program? Is this specifically for business coaches or consultants?

. Nope! Our Legacy Leaders are a combination of lawyers, accountants, luxury travel agents, digital marketing agency owners, tech CEOs and so much more. The beauty of being in a collaborative environment with professionals across industries, is that often the biggest breakthroughs come from taking principles that one person is applying in a totally different industry, and seeing how they work for you. You will benefit from the diversity of perspectives and open up a world of possibility for yourself, your team, and your business when you get in the room with some of the most brilliant multi-million dollar CEOs in the online space. 



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