8 Steps to Create MASSIVE ROI From Employees Right Away


Have you been struggling to create massive ROI from your employees? The kind of ROI that will help you achieve your goals, help your company to break records, and put money back into your pocket faster than ever?

Your employees will only be as great as YOU help to make them.

Now, let me walk you through what you can do to get better performance, bigger impact, and higher profits from each person on your team. Effective leadership is the answer! If you put in the effort to become an effective leader and learn how to properly manage a team and work with people, you will see a massive ROI increase from your employees almost instantly.

You can learn how to do all of this in this week’s episode of Ask Kelly on Unstoppable Success Radio, where you asked,

“How Can I Become a More Effective Leader?” 

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The thing about leadership is that it is a skill to be learned… every team, company, and manager have varying strengths, personalities, and preferred management styles. It’s up to you as a leader to make all of those pieces work together, and it’s nothing you can’t master.

Why is this important?


  • The average cost of turnover can be 4-6 times the cost of the employees’ salary.
  • A few tweaks in how you manage your team can multiply the impact they produce for your company, your business, and your bottom line.
  • The cost of an uninspired employee who leaves + training time +  lost productivity from employees covering for them = a real impact to your quality of life, your income, and your success.
  • Employees who are left uninspired with their heads down at their desks all day long aren’t motivated, excited, or loyal to the extent that will help YOU achieve your goals.
  • Employees in that situation are more likely to leave; meaning you need to spend your own time (and your team’s time) training and onboarding a new team members instead of focusing on the things that produce profit and ROI.
  • A significant leader builds a legacy that lasts long after their time with a company is over, and that legacy trickles down to impact future employees and managers and sets the new standard of what a “great leader” really is.


If one thing sticks out for you here, it’s that managing a team in the most inspiring and effective way possible means you’re building a team of highly driven, profit-producing employees who will support your professional goals.

The more support you have, the closer you will get to reaching your dreams.

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Whether you are a corporate leader or a business owner or an entrepreneur, you will see transformational results from this step by step process for you to go back and reevaluate the way you are managing your team to ensure an immediate increase in your ROI.


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You and your employees must bring in 3-4 times their own salary to be an asset to your company. It is important that you as their leader help your employees achieve this. By following the 8 steps to becoming an effective leader in this week’s episode, you can be empowered to properly train and coach the members of your team.

80% of the performance of your employees comes down to how you manage them.

Make sure you are an effective leader and know how to manage your team properly so you can increase your ROI.

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Don’t be the leader that leaves their team uninspired, when you can become the leader to lead your company to success!