Making Connections to Move Your Business Forward with Nicole Culver

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Nicole Culver is the host of the Blissful Bites podcast and founder of Blissful Eats, an organic snack company. Her goal is to to help women get focused, follow their dreams, and be happy in their everyday life. Nicole is a work at home mom to two girls, loves cooking, the early morning and lots of coffee.

Nicole realized that she wasn’t going to start moving forward in her business if she didn’t start making connections – so that’s just what she started doing. She realized that mutually beneficial relationships were the best to form and set her apart from so many others.



You will learn:

  • The key to moving your business forward (hint, it’s in the title!)
  • How to get started building authentic connections
  • Top 3 health tips for busy entrepreneurs
    • Sleep is vital to the health (and success) of an entrepreneur
    • Eat whole foods that fill you up and provide the right amount of fuel for your busy day ahead!
    • Make time for self care; make an effort every day to get outside and exercise for some super important “Me Time”.


This episode is full of advice and strategies for the entrepreneur or “wantrepreneur” who isn’t excited about life and have not been living up to their full potential. Nicole gives you the best way to start building connections with others that will help you expand and leverage your business.

We encourage you to figure out what lights you up and what makes you passionate. What do you actually want to be doing with your life?


Connect with Nicole: – Get ready to take action and listen to 22 entrepreneurs talk at the Food Entrepreneur Summit. Click the link to join or find out more information.

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