A Look Back at 100 Episodes of USR!

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In honor of reaching our 100th episode of Unstoppable Success Radio (!!!), we decided to look back and celebrate the episodes that YOU told us has impacted you the most. Of course, with so many amazing guests and the feedback we’ve gotten, it was too hard to pick just 10 overall!


Below, you’ll find the top 10 business growth episodes and top 10 motivational episodes based on your feedback and downloads (in order of oldest-most recent)!


Thank you to everyone who has made this such an amazing ride – it is such a pleasure to wake up every morning and serve you through this podcast. Thank you for every download, every tweet and email, and every question you’ve submitted for Ask Kelly episodes.


Here’s to the next 100!




Top 10 Business Growth Episodes:

Ep. 1: $0-$3 MILLION in 3 Years with John Lee Dumas
You likely know John Lee Dumas as the host of EOFire podcast and man behind the entire EOFire brand. What you might not know already is his incredible business acumen, bulletproof mindset, and the emphasis he puts on daily rituals for success. This was my very first guest interview on the show, and has continually been one of the most popular episodes!


Ep. 8: Build Your Empire with Peter Voogd
Peter is an absolute mastermind of conquering the online business world. He’s built an absolute empire and is delivering the step-by-step of how to get the prospects coming to you instead of chasing them around and hoping for a sale. He’s created millions of dollars in sales and his fans are truly his tribe. If you’re looking for rapid growth and ready to grow your own online business, this is the interview you’ll want to hear.


Ep. 12: Kelly’s 30 Day Challenge
I was blown away after releasing this episode at the response! This is your quick and dirty episode packed with a) the tools and b) the challenge to align your sales and marketing efforts, do more outreach to the right prospects, and overall make more $$$ in the next 30 days. This is a completely timeless challenge and if you haven’t already gotten started with it, tune in to this episode now!


Ep. 17: How to Automate Growth in Your Business
I’m going to be completely honest with you here: you can’t do it all yourself. Even the most successful and incredible entrepreneurs have help along the way- and a lot of that comes down to my favorite acyonym, ADOD. If you’re ready to streamline your business and take the tactical to-dos off your list so you can finally focus on the things that bring you money, listen to this episode and get the automation guide now.


Ep. 30: Close a Client a Week
This is 100% NOT a farce. When I talk to my clients and followers about this, most don’t believe that closing a client a week is possible! Here’s the thing: it is completely possible. Think about what one extra client every week would do for your business and life — and if that picture is tempting, listen in to this episode to get the strategy to make it happen.


Ep. 45: Get Over Your Fear of Sales with Butch Bellah
I love Butch because we share a key mindset: sales isn’t slimy. There is an ethical and rewarding way to sell to others…. Not to mention, being able to sell with ensure your security for years to come. Butch brought his best tools to the game to turn your perspective of sales upside down and starting closing clients now.


Ep. 54: 15 Secrets Successful People Know about Time Management with Kevin Kruse
Kevin Kruse is a NY Times bestseller author and interviewed ahtletes, top earners, and more to really get into their head and find out exactly what they’re doing to get and stay profitable without being a slave to their business or craft. This interview is the cliff notes to what it means to become truly productive and 10x your results without adding hours to your schedule. Who wouldn’t want to do that?


Ep. 61 Ask Kelly: How can I Raise my Rates?
Pricing is one of my favorite things to talk about, and most of my clients think I’m insane when they join me and I tell them to raise their prices. But guess what? It pays off for them, every single time. If you’re feeling timid or not 100% convinced that you deserve to be paid more for your products or services, give me 23 minutes of your time. I guarantee you’ll change your mind :-)


Ep. 78: Build Your Foundation to Grow Your Empire with Kate Erickson
We all know and love Kate as the other half of EOFire as its content and community leader. Kate is absolutely passionate about the systems that help entrepreneurs get moving faster and seeing more growth. She’s talking everything from creating a community of raving fans by breaking down the barriers that stand between you, the tools to optimize your growth, and so much more.


Ep. 86: Using Buying Triggers to Sell More
I said it once, and I’ll say it again: sales is NOT the slimy and terrifying thing you might think it is. In fact, selling is really just the transfer of inspiration- and others need what you have. If you’ve struggled to connect your product or service to your market, this episode lines up the how, the why, and of course, the buying triggers to look for that will make your life and sales a whole lot easier.


Top 10 Motivational Episodes:


Ep. 5: Take Your POWER Back
Ready to get out of the “busy” rut and finally become the CEO and thriving business owner you know you can be? This episode will give you the kick in the pants you need to reach within you and take your power back in your business and in your life — no excuses.


Ep. 9: Achieve Greatness Against All Odds with Tanner Gers
I still get chills listening to my interview with Tanner Gers – a paralympic athlete and incredibly inspiring individual who will tell you everything you need to know about confidence, making leaps, and overcoming any obstacle or hardship that life throws your way. Fasten your seatbelts – I guarantee you’ll get chills and a new hunger for success after listening!


Ep. 11: Create a Life your Love – One Word at a Time with Molly Nece
Everything you want in life, you can create. Molly Nece, 6x author, coach and trainer specializing in giving us the tools and focus to define our ONE WORD that will change our lives. You’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish by narrowing in on your focus and starting now. Ps. My word for 2016 is “health” – what is yours?


Ep. 13: Guarantee Your Goals!
How many times have you set a goal, only to fall short or fall off track before you can truly make an impact on it? You’re not alone- many people do the same. Stop dreaming big without action… this episode will give you the tools you need to GUARANTEE that your goals happen.


Ep. 20: Paving the Way from Paycheck to Passion with Lisa Dadd
How many of you reading right now feel completely stuck in your 9-5? Maybe you feel suffocated by a corporate environment and dream of building your own business or taking your side hustle full time. If you’ve been stuck by the fear of making the transition, author Lisa Dadd will help you to remove all doubt and get a plan in place to change your life.


Ep. 41: Overcome the Fear of Rejection
You’ll learn quickly on your journey that everyone has something to say about your goals and your journey. How do you cope when it feels like endless negativity from others – or when you feel paralyzed to take action because of how others might react? Let’s kick that fear to the curb and get your moving forward faster. Hint: it’s in getting uncomfortable- but you can handle it.


Ep. 59: 10 Riches
How many days have you wanted to throw up your arms in frustration? Feeling like things will never look up while you’re working to grow your business? When you’re stuck in a cycle of negativity, you need to refocus and tap into the 10 riches you already have that will flip your cranky mindset. This is all about appreciating the abundance you already have. Get reinvigorated in enjoying and living your life.


Ep. 81: How to Break Through Your Mindset with Angus Nelson
One of the keys to success is having the mindset to attract it in abundant amounts! Angus Nelson, an incredible mindset coach and speaker, talks about his own journey to embracing change, facing fear, and the shifts you can make to live generously and reap those benefits tenfold. If you’re facing a big change in life with uncertainty, this is the interview you need to hear!


Ep. 87: Master Your Time and Own Your Results with Jeff Sanders
Jeff Sanders inspires people around the world on his podcast, The 5am Miracle, and his guest spot on my show proved to quickly become a fan favorite. Jeff is an author and productivity coach who is talking focus, ditching overwhelm, and giving us the tools to master our mindset and OWN our results. Jeff brought his A-game and real recommendations to become the master of your life.


Ep. 98: Start Living a Life of Significance and Impact
How many times have you been a victim in your circumstances? Stop waiting around and start becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. In this episode, I detailed the key shifts and strategies to start living a life of significance and impact – on yourself and others. Once you find the rewards within and the gifts in your day-to-day schedule, your life will completely transform.


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