Year in Review: Best of 2019

We are wrapping up 2019 in just a few days!

To celebrate, we’re looking back on our “best of” from the year on Unstoppable Success Radio. Is your favorite episode on the list?

#10: Rediscovering Your Self Worth with Amber Lilyestrom

How can you use your story and pain points in order to connect more deeply with your market and attract clients who are as brilliant and driven as you are? Amber’s giving us the play-by-play in this episode. 

#9: How to Approach the Impossible with Eleanor Beaton

What if you could achieve your 10-year vision in just 6 months? Your reaction to that question is telling — and if it seems like a steep hill to climb, this is an episode you’ll definitely want to tune into. Time to redefine our relationships with our biggest goals so they can happen faster.

#8: 5 Ways to Integrate Text Message Marketing into your 2020 Growth Plan

No, we don’t think you need to throw out email marketing. But we think we can all agree that no one is as excited today about *more* emails — and that’s where text message marketing comes in. Time to innovate and disrupt the status quo and reach your market in a new and more dynamic way!

#7: 5 Ways to Get in Front of Totally New Audiences Each Week

You need leads to get sales, and whether you’re running things organically or with paid traffic, you need to be generating new, qualified prospects into your marketing ecosystem consistently. The good news is that lead generation can be simple and FUN – tune in to learn our favorite five ways to do it.

#6: Powerfully Articulate What Makes Your Program Different

This one speaks for itself — we know the barrier to entry in online business is lower than ever, and in order to remain competitive you have to understand positioning and how to convey your differentiators to the market. Tune in for your outline to cut through the noise and become the one and only.

#5: Do Less, Earn More

YES, it is more than possible to create a 7 figure business in less than 40 hours per week. Inside this episode are 3 areas that you *do* need to be spending your time in so that you can grow faster. All the other junk? We’ll talk about what to do with that, too.

#4: Fill Your Facebook Group and Crush Your Live Launch

If you have followed one of our Live Launch Workshops, you know we work EVERYTHING to the numbers- no theory here. Lead Generation, which is always the focal point of our second session in the workshop, tends to bring up the most questions. How can I attract great leads? How do I get people to my Facebook group? How do I qualify people as leads anyway?? This is a must-listen.

#3: The Gap NO ONE is Filling that will Make You Millions

Have you heard us talk about “selling to the gap”? It’s the #1 strategy that will help to set you apart from everything else on the market today. Consumers want brands they can trust and who deliver on the promises they make — here’s how to position your offer and elevate your entire business.

#2: Earning the Attention of Your Target Market

Having millions of followers doesn’t make a business. ‘People’ does not equal ‘qualfiied leads’ in every scenario. And in the crowded jungle of social media, standing out and connecting with quality leads will make or break a business. How can you earn the attention of your target market? Your playbook is inside this episode!

#1: Become a Category of ONE with the Live Launch Method

It’s no coincidence that this is our #1 episode of 2019 — the Live Launch Method continues to change lives, change the market, and help business owners achieve their biggest dreams more quickly than ever. We created the Live Launch Method because we couldn’t watch more business owners spend their time and energy facing AWAY from their market — spending thousands of dollars on ads to cold leads that never become engaged, hours on pre-recording videos and then waiting even longer for video edits and “perfectly” designed slides only to watch their conversion rate plummet.

My team and I get so passionate about changing the status quo because the old, expired launch “strategies” DO NOT WORK ANYMORE. Consumers want engagement, they want to trust and they want to feel like they are being heard. 

The Live Launch Method will skyrocket your business and give you the ability to scale your signature program in 2020. 

[Which is why, if you haven’t yet registered for our January 6 Live Launch Workshop yet, get on it! :) ]

What was your favorite episode of 2019? What do you want to hear more of in 2020?

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We cannot wait to continue bringing you the very best episodes and content in the new year. Thank you for tuning in in 2019 and keeping Unstoppable Success Radio in the top 100 of iTunes!