Why Your Dreams Haven’t Come True…YET

DreamBig-300x199You learned a lot of things in school…math, science, grammar, geography, history, but did anyone teach you how to create and live your ideal life? Did your parents sit you down and walk you through a step by step process to make your goals and dreams a reality?

If so, consider yourself extraordinarily lucky. What I have found working with entrepreneurs, business owners and executives alike, is that there is a serious lack of understanding around how to get from point A to point B. I am here to tell you that it’s not your fault! How could you know any of this except through trial and error, which in some cases takes a lifetime and in other cases never happens at all!

Most people live a generally dissatisfied existence or, although they would describe themselves as content, they are not fulfilled because they literally can’t figure out how to break the cycle and get what they really want out of life. Does this sound familiar?

In today’s article you will discover simple steps to break down your goals into a plan of action that works so that 2014 can be the year you achieve your dreams! And if you want support in bringing your goals full circle just go to www.kellyroachcoaching.com/start to sign up for a FREE strategy session to get you started!

  1. Determine what you want your daily life to look and feel like, then set goals that support that. Most people do the opposite. They set goals because they “like the idea” of the kind of life those goals would give them. In reality, most people do not actually want the life that comes with achieving those goals. Move away from things and towards a way of feeling and being. After all its happiness we all want anyway, right?
  2. Break each goal down into milestones that represent each major phase of progress towards your goal. The key to achieving your dreams is creating attainable goals.
  3. Create a two sided chart, on the left place your list of ideal outcomes for 2014, the end results or goals and dreams you want to achieve. On the right, place the correlating daily actions you need to take in order to make them a reality.
  4. The final step is creating a structured, systematic, daily plan that integrates they key activities you must do each day to make your goals a reality and get started doing it!

Goals must be broken down into milestones and milestones into daily action steps. When you set big goals and look at the entire picture it is often so overwhelming that you see no way to actually make your goals a reality, and you are right.

It is critical that you break your goals and dreams into each major phase of progress and then determine the daily plan to achieve each phase. Setting realistic goals on a daily basis and achieving them successfully day after day is a no fail way to accomplish bigger goals and dreams.

Often times I find business leaders confusing hard work with strategic forward progress. As you set out to achieve your 2014 goals, remember to get back to basics: thought, planning and strategy first. Then you can begin completing the hard work on the things that will actually get you to where you want to be, when you want to be there!

This simple process has helped me and those that I coach produce millions
by chasing their dreams in a smart way, and it can help you do the same!

Here’s to an amazing start to 2014! Remember, if you need support in moving through this process and beyond into execution, then achievement, get in touch with my team today to find out all the ways we can support you at customersupport@kellyroachcoaching.com.

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