One Sales Surge and Finish the Year Strong

LimitedOfferOne final sales surge could be the boost you need to finish the year off strong. Not sure how to make it happen?

Here are 5 ways to get on the right track to create one final sales surge:

  1. Offer your current clients and customers the opportunity to resign or restock at 2013 prices when they purchase their 2014 package by December 30th.
  2. Create a campaign for the month of December targeting past customers. Customize your approach based on what you already know about their specific needs and interests. Re-engage them before they choose their 2014 provider.
  3. Have a holiday sale to clear out 2013 products or finalize 2013 programs at a discount. Use email, phone calls, social media and direct mail to promote your products and programs.
  4. Offer a discount or high end bonus for any purchases made between now and the end of the year.
  5. Promote and sell your referral program. Send a letter, design a promo piece, and contact all current customers and make sure they know the benefits or savings they will receive when they refer someone to you.

Just pick one of the strategies above for your sales surge and get started! Don’t over think it. No overanalyzing. Just do it! Whatever you commit to, do it full out for the entire month of December.

Set a goal and don’t stop pushing until you reach it!

Bottom line about creating your sales surge, have fun with it!

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