Why Vision Boards

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Question–Why do you need a vision board? Why are vision boards so important for us?

Answer–Visions boards allow us to see our dream in front of us, making them real.There is something about seeing the things we want, that makes our brain so crazy.


Say you want to buy a brand new car. You think about this car and it comes time to figure out if you are going to pull the trigger to purchase. Then all of a sudden, you see this car everywhere. No matter where you go, this car always seems to be following you. That is your brain supporting your choice of getting this car. It wants to remember and see the car everywhere you turn.

This is what a vision board does, it keeps that image in your help and you focused on what you want to accomplish. This is the power of the vision board–seeing the specific things you want and how you are going to get what you want. There are multiple things that make vision boards to important:

  1. Clarity! Stop putting energy into things that don’t matter, look to the things that matter.
  2. FOCUS! Focus is everything, this is the most powerful element anyone can have. Keep your vision set on your goals and don’t get distracted.
  3. Emotional attachment. Put things on the board that mean something to you, things you ACTUALLY want not just objects.
  4. Repetition is everything. It’s small but powerful– just by seeing or doing things more than once can make a huge impact.
  5. Finally, something I do with my own vision board, show the path that leads to these goals. Show the key elements that will get you there–the action steps.


Vision boards are a great thing to start, something my own team does. So go out and get it done! It’s time to reignite that passion, create your vision board and see your dreams come alive!


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