Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity and Manage Your Time

We have all been there. You get down to work just to end up realizing you have a million things you have to get done…. but just don’t have the time. Check out this post to learn how to increase productivity.

It becomes stressful and you begin wondering, “How can I see productivity growth within my business?” and “What time management strategies do I need to come up with?”

Most of the time in our business, we work in either a burst of focus or times of distraction and we are juggling so many things at a time, whether it is:

  • Family
  • Business priorities
  • Everything else that needs to be done and is yelling in our face

It may seem difficult to balance your life and business, but

here is a productivity tip that may change your life!

One of the things you can do to impact your peace of mind, quality of life and productivity within your business is to plan for productivity bursting!

You may ask “What is productivity bursting and how do I do that in my business?” Simple!

Productivity bursting is where you can increase productivity and manage your time wisely!

Just by planning ahead what work you want to accomplish you can…..

  • Like a laser, BOOM BOOM: get in and get out
  • Become really effective with how you increase productivity and create time management strategies!

One of the simple ways you can get started is to follow this simple step….

  1. Take out an index card and write down all of the things you could be doing to move your business forward in short increments of productivity burst. Whether it is 10, 15 or even 30 minutes, it can change your life!

This easy-to-follow productivity tip allows you to realize ways you could grow your business in your limited spare time. It also allows you to plan ahead.

Most people are not set up in a way that if they do have 30 minutes of spare time, they know the best way to increase productivity and create time management strategies so when a pocket opens up, we can use it to our advantage and make the most of it.

So, if there is anything you can do within

your business to manage your time and increase productivity its….

  1. Create an index card or cheat sheet that will facilitate what things you need to focus on in the 5,10,15 or 30-minute time slots you have
  2. Begin planning ahead in advance. Take those big to-do’s or tasks and break them into smaller increments to get done in your spare time
    1. If you don’t, those goals and dreams you want to accomplish will end up never getting done and you won’t have enough time

Now get started and increase productivity!

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