5 Ways to Powerfully Articulate What Makes Your Program Different

In the world of online marketing, now more than ever, your ability to articulate what makes your program different is critical to your success.

So many times, people think they need to shove their program full of more content to provide that differentiator. But, in selling to the gap, you can simply and elegantly supersede everything else in your industry by filling a need that no one else is meeting.

It’s really important that, not only are you able to get people the support they need quickly, but that your system provides a framework you can guarantee. You don’t have to guarantee the results, just the framework.

For example, I can guarantee that anyone who fully executes the framework as we lay it out for The Live Launch Method will have massive success. Now, I can’t guarantee human behavior, so I can’t guarantee anyone will follow it to a tee. But what I can tell you is that clients coming into the program in their first month are doing $12,000 to $300,000 launches with our Live Launch Method framework.

That’s pretty impressive, but I still can’t guarantee results, because results will always be tied to behavior. What I can guarantee is that we have a proven process and system that gets results for people who do the work. 

How can you follow our lead and make your program stand out among all others?

Here are five ways:

1. Offer 360° support.

You can post, text, email, or chat virtually 24 hours a day with one of my team members. There is always someone ready and available to assist you. These are full-time members of my staff. They’re invested in you and your success.

You may not be able to afford full-time support staff at the very beginning, but it should be your very first priority as soon as you have the money available.

If you are a buyer in your own market, you should be able to easily see all the issues and problems in your market, and make decisions differently than your competitors to solve those problems. It’s common sense. 

Offering true 360° support to your clients will set you apart as someone who sees problems and offers immediate solutions.

2.  Lead with accountability.

We measure all of our success against our client’s success. We have an entire team of full-time employees responsible for nothing more than helping clients un-bottleneck the bottlenecks in their business, stay focused on their goals, and make a set plan of action every single week to help them move forward in your business. 

Not only do we have a goal of 100% retention in our program, we want to see our clients move on to the next level and then next. We’re looking at a long-term vision of how we can support every person who walks through our doors. 

Accountability was a huge lack in the industry. It’s why people don’t follow through. It’s why people over consume content, then never put it into practice to make money.

So, it was an easy move on our part to align our model with that, knowing it was a wish we had had, and that our clients really needed to maximize the benefits of the program. 

Our accountability system puts us far ahead of all our competitors.

3. Stay in touch with your people.

One of the biggest gaps I see across all industries that you can take advantage of right away in order to have a competitive advantage, grow more quickly, have happier clients, and get better results, is to have conversations with them. 

We created an entire role in our company that revolves around ongoing dialogue with our clients to generate feedback on how we can improve, how we can better support them, to really elicit that insider, experiential feedback. We went through multiple rounds of beta testing to ensure our clients’ happiness. We have open dialogue, surveys every quarter, polls for our clients.

Because of that closeness in the conversation, our clients feel like they have a voice. When people feel heard, when they see their needs being met, when they see you responding, that’s a huge differentiator when you go to market. 

If you lean in and you provide more support, more direction, more accountability that layers on top of whatever it is that you’re teaching, that’s going to be an immediate differentiator.

People often think this is very complex. It’s not. Your main difference could be that you have a full-time staff member focused on serving and supporting the people you’re working with. The vast majority of businesses don’t.

4. Draw from your real world business experience.

The other big thing I want you to think about from the standpoint of articulating your difference and setting you apart is calling out what’s not working and why it’s not working, then putting yourself in a category of one.

In most business coaching programs, the “business coach” has no real world business experience or expertise. They’re not capable of getting clients to the level they want to get to because they haven’t actually been there themselves. 

I have that experience in a Fortune 500 company. I was promoted eight times in seven years. I built a team of 100 people. I was running 17 different locations across the U.S., and we broke every record in the company’s history for revenue, expansion, employee growth, etc.

That’s a massive differentiator in my market. Very few business coaches in my market have real business experience with a proven track record of success. Pulling that out and talking about it is a differentiator for me that matters.

Why are you uniquely qualified to help people achieve what you’re there to achieve? What in your background gives you a competitive advantage?

Use that experience, and make sure your clients know you have it.

5.  Model certainty for your clients. 

I am 100% certain that The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program supersedes everything else in the market by light years. We’re not even in the same category as the programs that “teach the same thing” we do.

The thousands of people we’re helping around the globe can feel the energetic difference in our company. They can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything about us and our program is different.

That certainty has to come first from you before you can expect your market to reflect it back. So, dig deep and make sure that you are completely confident in your offer!

There are so many other ways to differentiate your program. You can powerfully step into a leadership role in your market starting today using the strategies I’ve explained here.

Everything we teach is simple. 

My number one mission with my time on this planet is to make financial freedom more accessible to more people by simplifying the path to entrepreneurial success.
When you’re ready to soar in your business, take back your time, be more present for your family, make an absolute ton more money than you are right now. My team of 25, is here to support you as you create your offers, position your offers, and grow your offers. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, we’d love to chat. You can book a free consultation call here!