high level leads with the Live Launch Method

3 Reasons You’re Not Attracting High-Level Leads with The Live Launch Method

Do you want to sell out your launches, scale up your program, take prospects from cold to close in less than 10 days, and do it in volume?

Do you want to know how to attract high-level customers, uplevel your positioning, and leverage the power of social media?

Do you want to learn how to fill your Facebook group with two-way engagement, get a new or existing audience lining up to buy, and understand how to create the right pillars of content to scale quickly and eliminate your competition completely?

Do you want to become a category of ONE?

You can have all this and more with the Live Launch Method.

One big struggle all entrepreneurs share is getting high-level leads. Before I give you the three reasons you’re not consistently attracting these high-level customers, I want to share the not-so-secret power of the Live Launch Method:


If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that a six- or seven-figure launch needs to be complicated and difficult and wildly expensive, right?

There was a time in my business when I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and questioning whether or not all my hard work would ever pay off. I had done all the courses on webinars, taken all the training, done all the courses and programs and coaches. We had done it all. Every last bit of it.

And, yet, over and over again, the complexity, the technology, the enormous amount of pre-recorded content, the expense involved involved in launches was killing me. It was killing my team. We were spending so much time on these complex models that we weren’t able to engage with our audience. 

Because of that lack of engagement, we weren’t able to get our brilliance out there. 

All of a sudden, I told my team, “We’re ditching all of this. We’re getting rid of all the barriers between us and our audience, and we’re going live, and we are going to engage. We are going to use intuition. We are going to allow our magic to shine.”

And here we are, just a couple years later, millions and millions of dollars in the bank, all because of the Live Launch Method.

It’s simpler, faster, and easier than any other method on the planet using nothing more than you, yourself, and the camera on your phone. 

What does that have to do with bringing in high-level leads? Higher level leads tend to be more sophisticated buyers. They are more likely to have been through the complicated launches and processes and crave simplicity and answers. The Live Launch Method  gives them that with astounding clarity. 

Let’s talk about those high-level leads.

Many times I find that entrepreneurs really struggle to position themselves at the level they’d like to be. They find themselves constantly attracting leads that are much lower level than who they want to be working with. So they struggle to convert consistently. The people they want to be selling to, at the price point they want to be selling at, are not the people they’re attracting.

Three Reasons You’re Not Attracting High-Level Leads 

1. You’re charging too little. 

When you set your price point too low, people perceive you as an amateur, a novice. They wonder why you’re charging less. You’re not seen as the ultimate solution. If you want to be a category of ONE, you need to be one of the higher-priced solutions in the market. You need to charge what you’re worth if you want to attract good quality leads.

You want to be the ultimate solution. 

When you want to tap into high-ticket clients who will invest, reinvest, uplevel, stay with you, and do the work, you want to look for people who want clear, definitive solutions very quickly. They are going to select a provider based on them being able to determine whether or not you are the person who will deliver the most value and efficiently get them to the end result they want. 

Set that price tag high.

2. You’re talking about low-level problems and solutions.

You need to change the conversation you’re having with your market. So many times, when entrepreneurs are struggling to attract the level of lead they want, it’s because they’re aiming too low. When you talk about low-level problems and solutions, you’ll attract low-level leads.

If you want a six-figure buyer, go for seven. If you want seven, go for eight. Things trickle down. Go for the higher level than you want to attract. That person you’re trying to reach is actually aspiring to the NEXT level, not the one they’re at right now. 

Speak to their next level. That’s what will excite them. Elevate the conversation. Inspire and excite them. Emotionally connect with them. Position yourself as the solution for their next level problem. 

3. You’re not willing to invest in yourself at the level you’re trying to attract clients at.

You can’t operate at a lower level than you’re trying to play at. You won’t close high-level clients that way. There’s a huge disconnect energetically there. Don’t expect to attract people at a level of thinking and decision-making that you’re not willing to go to. You’re not in full belief and investment in what you’re trying to get others to believe and invest in.

You’ve got to live what you’re selling, practice what you preach. 

You’ve got to be all in. 

One of the best things about the Live Launch Method is that, if you consistently deliver your Live Launch over and over again, you position yourself at such an elevated level in the market, it begins to have a snowball/compounding effect. You develop a reputation in the market, and you begin to attract people to you. 

The right people. To learn more, click here to join our next workshop or here to grab the book that walks you step by step through the process.