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Using Instagram for Business with Jasmine Star

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In a world, full of technology and social media at our fingertips, the one platform that has sprung off from the ground and popular more than ever is Instagram.

From teens to people of all ages, we have access to this app at any time to post pictures of things we are doing or just simply to use as a base to express ourselves.

But using Instagram for business is a way to market and grow your business.

But even if you’re a small business owner who doesn’t use this app, you’re not alone you’re in the majority.

However if your one of the business owners who uses this app you may be asking

“How can Instagram help my business?”

Instagram sensation, Jasmine Star shares some tips on things that you can apply to what’s current on Instagram and what could be useful for the future!


  • You want to use social media to build relationships that foster trust and then convert people to customers.

Styles of Posts

  • You want to use a style of a picture, post or hashtag that is going to make people fascinated and curious in your brand.
  • The whole world of social is moving to photography and people want to feel that sense of touch, feel and understanding with you and know that your committing to what you’re doing.

Visual Components

  • As your selecting what to post, the number one thing is to release yourself from the expectations
  • Number two, people never get it right on the first try
  • Lastly number three, TEST, TEST, TEST. It takes trial and error to see what creates a response with your audience and what doesn’t

Content Stragety

  • How can you strategically take pictures and plan your week out of content?
  • Create content that sparks education, inspiration, aspiration and how to’s. Anything that people will find shareable.
  • A business coach could share inspirational quotes or quick how-to’s to gain momentum.

Use Hashtags

  • Not only can people find your content based off what there searching, it gives you more of a chance to follow. From there, continue to follow up with great content, offer value, advice, go live on Instagram and show how your actually going about your business.
  • Get specific with hashtags. Make them things that pertain to what your posting to promote your Instagram post.

In just four steps, you can begin using Instagram for business and begin to optimize your Instagram business account and see major results!

“It’s those personalizing elements that are going to set you apart from a sea of competition,”- Jasmine Star

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