Turn failure into massive success

How to Turn Failure into Massive Success

In this podcast, listener questions are answered. Specifically, the question of “how to turn failure into massive success?”

When was the last time you failed? Maybe it was a few minutes ago, a week or even a month.

And before you even think about it – I want to remove the stigma around the word “failure”. The big “F” word in entrepreneurship. We become so afraid of failure that we lose perspective.

As humans, we fail every day. Didn’t want to hit snooze – and you ended up doing it three times? You failed at an intention you set. Did you let it ruin your whole day? I doubt it. You pivoted.

When we “fail,” we need to pivot. We need to pivot and turn that lesson into massive success. Although you may have failed, it’s key to achieving and learning.

You might know of one of my failures that I’ve shared a few times: my first webinar was a total disappointment. I was new in business, I was excited, I hired an expensive coach to help me out.

The day of the webinar arrived and only a few people showed up. Not a single soul bought anything from me.

I was so frustrated…but it lead to a realization of failure.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. I can tell you that while I was absolutely disappointed and upset, I pivoted to get to the root of the cause.

I learned through that experience about building an audience, about list-building, about leveraging Facebook without having to throw my entire budget to it. Once I had those building blocks in place, I began to move forward and turn failure into massive success.

I urge you to do the same. Pivot. Learn. Improve.

Also, I urge you to look at entrepreneurship as a journey. It means even when you might put on the “perfect” performance, people may not engage with you right away. It takes:

  • Practice
    • Consistently work to get better – make time in your day to prepare and implement new strategies in your performance
  • Repetition
    • Study, learn and grow  Reading this as someone who didn’t hear/see the resource you watched to write this, this is an empty sentence. Bulk up!
  • Innovation over time
    • Improve what isn’t working to get better as time goes on  


One of the key things to take away is DON’T GIVE UP… GET BETTER! You need to stay out there, to learn as you go, to take it in stride but also take an objective look at your actions.

You and your business can learn how to get successful and profitable– even after those moments of “failure.” Remember to pivot and remember these elements:

  • Time
    • Time is important with everything you do. If you are not growing, you are not going to get where you want to be


  • Repetition
    • Have an intention: Follow through, improve your strategy and practices to achieve success!


  • Problem Solving
    • Ask the right questions: figure out what is not working and break down the pieces


  • Studying and Implementing
    • Model and study what you are doing as compared to others in order to close the gaps within your business!


  • Getting feedback
    • Get advice from reliable sources and get the results you are looking


  • Constant Improvement
    • Commit to always getting better: If you are not improving, you are wasting time that could be shifted elsewhere.

Take what you learned from the episode and turn failure into massive success!



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