Joshua Latimer on Accelerating Your Business Growth

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How to grow your business fast is a question asked by numerous entrepreneurs and small business owners. But did anyone ever tell you that it’s the basics that work the best?


In this episode, we are talking to entrepreneur Joshua Latimer. Josh is the  founder of, an online trading platform for small local, service based businesses. He also is the creator for a new app, Sendjim another automation tool for the busy professional looking to accelerate the buyer’s cycle for their prospects by sending customized notes and gifts.



Joshua shares with us that it is getting back to the basic sales techniques that will help grow your business and build a great relationship with your customers. Some of those specific techniques are:


  • Knowing your customer lifecycle and how to make sure the customer has an experience… not just the one or two transactions
  • Creative ways to follow up with your prospects that leave an impression and impact their experience — more than an email ever can
  • Ways to leverage relationship marketing (with the customers you already have) to
    increase your sales


By implementing these basic techniques to your business, you can change your own personal structure and get hyper-focused. As you’ll hear Josh say, sometimes we have to walk through the fire to come out on the other side. There isn’t a simple way to being successful,
it takes time and passion. Don’t stop once you have failed, keep going!


“Everyone sees the wine, no one sees the crushing of the grapes” – Joshua Latimer


Joshua also shares with us his ‘Entrepreneur Birthright,’ or how the lifecycle of your business success tends to develop:

    1. You have an idea, but no one cares (yet)
    2. You build a plan and no one helps (yet)
    3. You take massive risk but you are alone (for now)
    4. Work and grind for years but no one sees it (yet)
    5. Fail, hear that others “expected it”
    6. Continue forward – they smirk
    7. You fail again – they pity you
    8. Continue forward, they laugh
    9. You start to build traction, but no one notices (yet)
    10. You start to get momentum — they think it’s a fluke
    11. You start winning, they try to align themselves with you
    12. You achieve greatness, they say they know you



It sounds like quite the journey, but as you’ll hear Josh say — the key word are yet and for now. The entrepreneurial journey is not a straight line by any means, so take the waves as they come. Perseverance and hard work always pays off, so stick with it!



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