Turn Conversations into CASH

Businesswoman talking on the phoneOne common struggle for everyone today is remembering that communication is key, and conversations equal cash.

With all the new technology arriving on the scene, it is more challenging than ever to stay focused on the core elements of business that truly impact the bottom line.

If you want to increase your income,  increase the number of qualified prospects you are getting in front of with clear, compelling conversations and give them a reason to buy now.

When I begin working with new clients I always start by doing a deep dive into the company in it’s current state and the growth strategy it has been employing. I consistently find the more complicated the plan the slower the growth, the more simple and straight forward the better the results are.

Most of the time the key reason individuals are not growing their bottom line is that they are distracted working on a million different things, but not making time for the very basic fundamentals of the business.

How can you turn conversations into cash?

Ask yourself – How many hours per day do you spend externally focused on relationship building with current, prospective and past clients cultivating sales?

To create more sales immediately and ongoing, work on this simple process each day:
  1. How can I get in front of as many qualified buyers as possible today? Be sure to include current, past and prospective clients.
  2. Share a compelling conversation about what is in it for them. Why would working with you or purchasing your products make their life better? How? Why will your product or service work, even if they have tried other similar items before that let them down.
  3. Give them a reason to buy now. A promotion, a time sensitive offer, an added bonus, a limited quantity available, etc. The confused mind says no, so the goal is not to offer as many options as possible, but to get to know your clients and present a solution that is the best option for them right now.

Start by taking 1 hour each day this week and completely dedicate yourself to client conversations. Pick up the phone! We all love email but it will never have the same impact of a real life conversation.

Good luck and stay tuned for an article next week about easy, low cost,no cost ways to get in front of more prospects now, in a variety of ways!

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