Leadership Training and Coaching to Improve Productivity, Boost Profitability and Develop Proven Systems for Success

LeadershipYour bottom line depends on superior strategies for success. In order to be an industry leader, you must invest continuously in yourself and your team’s leadership skills.

Kelly Roach, Growth Catalyst, offers leadership trainings to create your plan, increase your productivity and boost your profits.

An internal report of the Personnel Management Association showed that when training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86%, compared to 22% with training alone.

Kelly’s training and coaching programs are designed for maximum productivity and profitability.

Leadership Training Sessions:

Performance management, personal growth and leadership development are directly related to success. Each Leadership Training track is created to support your specific needs and can be delivered in two-day, full-day or half-day format, depending on topic and desired outcome.

Some benefits of Kelly’s training include:

  • Time compression techniques help you and your team achieve goals quickly
  • Action-packed immersion style training to transform your leadership team into passionate ambassadors for your brand
  • Transformational leadership strategies to create peak performance across your organization
  • Systems for success help you to create replicable, sustainable growth year after year
  • High-impact, rapid-result sales strategies to attract an abundance of your ideal client
  • Techniques to integrate personal development and exercise into daily management to create an engaged and empowered workforce
  • Productivity secrets to eliminate wasted hours while creating breakthrough business results

To inquire about booking Kelly for training within your organization, email speaking@kellyroachcoaching.com.

To qualify for your complimentary 1/2-hour Business Coaching Session, please complete the assessment.

VIP Day With Kelly:

VIP opportunities with Kelly include a full day of dedicated one-on-one work to identify, organize and plan your steps to success. Kelly will help you roadmap your strategy, outline the play-by-play for execution and teach you the mindset keys to lasting happiness and unlimited success.

To apply for your VIP day, please complete your assessment and schedule your complimentary 1/2-hour Business Coaching Strategy Session.

“Our staff, unilaterally, across the board agreed, your training was one of the most useful we have ever had. In an hour and a half you were able to give us some very useful techniques which we plan to implement immediately while doing outreach. We truly appreciate the thought and effort that went into the presentation because it was so specific to our needs. We would, unhesitatingly, recommend you to anyone who asked.”

-Roberta Evantash, District Administrator, Adoptions From the Heart.


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