The Road to 1 Million Downloads

UES 586: The Road to 1 Million Downloads

I am speechless. I have so much gratitude to each and every person who has listened to this show and joined us on the road to 1 million downloads.

In today’s episode, I reflect on the road I have traveled to reach 1 million podcast downloads. 

The compounding effect of time is the most powerful weapon you have for reaching your goals and dreams. 

During this episode, I really dive into how playing the long game and using the compounding effect of time can transform the way you think about your business. Playing the long game is important, but you also have to have a deep sense of intentionality. As entrepreneurs, we can become consumed with worrying about where we are or where we should be, but I challenge you to focus on being the best version of yourself, today. When you’re in it for the long game, nothing can make or break you.

Do you need some encouragement to keep moving forward? Listen to the episode above.

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