Ten Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Business-PeopleAs you grow your business, salaries will become your biggest expense unless you learn to motivate, engage and get the absolute best out of your employees.

Do each of your employees create profit in your business or are they solely an expense? With the right strategies and systems in place, even service-based employees can help contribute to the bottom line. Transform your workforce, turning employees into passionate ambassadors for your brand.

Here are ten ways to get the best out of your employees!

1. Give them a road map to success: Management is not about telling people what you want them to do. Learn how to get on your employees’ level and help them determine the play by play that will lead them to success.

2. Share successes daily: Email your team tips on “what’s working.” Start each day with a 5 minute mini team meeting to rally the group (big or small). Discuss the goals and the best way to achieve them in the shortest amount of time.

3. Give your team the resources they need to succeed (aka make their job easy): Give them supporting marketing materials, valid business reasons, swipe and deploy emails they can use for promotions, and easy up-sells.

4. What gets measured gets done: This means focus on the number, talk about it, measure progress, share successes and regroup when you are not meeting the goals. Tracking and measuring progress is a necessity for sustained high performance.

5. Make it a positive uplifting environment to work in: Let in lots of natural light, make the space inspiring, clear the clutter, play some motivating tunes and create an environment that cultivates positive outcomes.

6. Use each team member’s strengths: Let people focus on expanding where they are strong vs. harping on where they are weak. Each individual is just that, an individual. Help your team members design a plan to accomplish their goals while working within their genius zone.

7. Unite the team: When the staff has common goals they are working towards together it creates all kinds of synergies you can’t generate otherwise. Have both individual and team goals and celebrate each breakthrough the team achieves.

8. Break goals down into milestones: If a goal is too big, it’s hard for people to get excited about it because they know they can’t accomplish it today, this month, or even this quarter. But if a goal is broken into milestones it feels attainable. Staff will fight hard to achieve them because they are “within reach.”

9. Choose your battles: Give your team the latitude to use their creativity, stretch themselves and make mistakes. When they are confident they will not be penalized for errors they will be more willing to go outside their comfort zone in pursuit of a goal.

10. Keep the dollars top of mind: Always quantify what each sale means for them. Know and discuss their personal and professional goals and talk in specifics of “what’s in it for them.”

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