Convert Your Content – The Successful Social Media Mindset

In every corner of the universe, social media is the most powerful mechanism on the planet to get your brand in the homes of the people you want to invest in your product or service. When it comes to selling online, there seems to be a mindset shift among business owners that hasn’t taken place yet. Even those who dedicate the time and effort it takes to create consistent content don’t find themselves converting any sales.

Most entrepreneurs see social media’s purpose as creating visibility for their brand, and view social media as a responsibility rather than an opportunity. In order to achieve Kardashian levels of online success, you’re going to have to flip the script.

In early the 2000s, businesses were built in brick and mortar shops. Stores had signage to let people know they existed, and buying hinged on foot traffic. In today’s arena, online business owners need to start recognizing their social media content as the content of their store. Your content is equal to your goods, and it’s the only thing people can see, feel, and experience when your offer is non-physical.

If you’re just showing up and checking the box of posting so many times per week, but not creating content with this mindset, you aren’t going to get as far as you can. Your content helps potential customers experience little pieces of what it would be like to work with you, comparable to them walking through your store and checking out all of the items.

Give a Little to Gain a Lot

Many entrepreneurs hold back because they fear giving too much of their expertise away for free. However, business owners need to understand that nothing they can give for free will replace the entire system they’re selling and the experience of working with you. The difference between free content and the investment it takes to work with you is the system, accessibility and support you provide. You’re selling a proven system engineered to get them a transformation and your content merely provides potential customers a taste of it.

In order to get your customer in a headspace where they’re ready to buy, your content needs to empower, uplift, educate, and emotionally charge people. Every piece of content is either earning you a customer or turning them away, and ultimately consistent consumption will lead to investment.

It is extremely important when creating your content to show up with energy. The energy you bring is what people will think it’s like to work with you. You need to be on your game even on the off season, not just during launch. At the end of the day, If you consistently show up for your potential customers with the right mindset, they will show up for you.

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