Success Leaves Clues, So Does Trouble

Woman And Business PlanWoman And Business PlanHave you ever noticed that super successful people always seem the most calm, confident and in control of their life?

It’s the busiest, most stretched people that always seem to find time to do more and more, while most people struggle just to get by day to day. Why?

Because successful people know exactly what works and exactly what doesn’t. They know the difference between time well spent and what is not. AND they are ruthless about how and what they will dedicate their time to.

You can become more successful overnight by simply tracking what is working in your life and business and doing more of it. And identifying what is not working and eliminating or minimizing it.

Yes, it really is that simple as long as you have the courage, confidence and discipline to say NO.

Here Are Few Tips To Get You Started:

The majority of my leads that convert to clients come from_____________________________.

My best and highest paying clients typically invest in ___________________ and found out about me through __________________.

My most profitable months were successful because __________________________________.

Ask yourself these questions regularly and ask the reverse to determine where and how to eliminate activities that steal your time and don’t produce income.

Trouble leaves clues too. Most people would rather sweep a little problem under the carpet until it’s so big that they are forced to deal with it and usually it’s too late.

Addressing underlying problems in your business when they are small enough to tackle is essential to building a profitable business that stands the test of time.

Use your intuition.

When something strikes you as being off, it probably is. When something doesn’t feel right, investigate it. If you just have a bad gut feeling about something trust yourself and run in the other direction even if you can’t put a finger on why.

Growing a business is basic math and can be managed down to a science, but not all of the components of amazing a business can be. The intangibles are just as important as the concrete so try to balance both common sense and good judgment in all of your decisions.