Stay Motivated To Create Even When No One Is Engaging

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Okay.. let’s be honest for a moment. Sometimes you work so hard on a podcast episode, or a blog post, or a video…. And you get crickets in response.


What do you do next?


The good news is that you’re not the only person who’s ever experienced this. The reality check is that getting into the thought process of, “Should I even be doing this?” “Does anyone care?” “Should I quit?” isn’t necessary or helpful.



I know this isn’t the sexiest suggestion you can hear about successful entrepreneurship and content creation – but I urge you to look to the “influencers” and those who “made it” and realize that the Overnight Success Story is fifteen years in the making.



Let that sink in for a minute. Now, let’s dive into today’s episode:


Key learning: Consumers WANT to know you looong before they pull out their credit card and buy from you. We’ll discuss how to figure out which content you should be creating.


Key action step: Learn my ‘month rule’ and measure your actions against that before you make a decision as to whether or not you “should” be continuing with something. I think you’ll be surprised at the reality of mastering content.


Key mindset shift: Understanding that one action or one piece of content isn’t enough – and it’s not enough to trigger huge decisions about your path forward. We’ll also talk about the HOW to make the creation and engagement process simple.


The entrepreneurial journey is just that — a journey. There is a learning stage and an implementation stage, which means being in the ‘content game’ means you need to allow time for testing, for gauging feedback, and course correcting. This episode will teach you the key decisions to make when making decisions about your future content, how to simplify the process, and how to make a long term plan for every piece of content you create.


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