How to Start A Business

How to Start A Business The Right Way Part Two

In this second part of How To Start A Business, the question of what mistakes to avoid when starting your business is answered.

Starting a new business can be a new experience.

However, there are some mistakes, traps and pitfalls one should avoid and work around so you can have an advantage in your entrepreneurship.

When considering some common mistakes, here are some tips to and ways to succeed in your business!

  1. Building a website before you have a list or audience
    • Simply start by updating your LinkedIn page and promote the new business you are starting. Just by having one simple landing page, you can offer a free can’t say no offer that you can market like crazy to gain an audience.
    • Don’t spend thousands of dollars! Keep it simple! Create a simple page to market on social media and build your email list.
  2. Building a product before building a platform
    • Having a platform is everything. From your voice and visibility, it’s how people will see you.
    • It’s also how you build an audience for people to follow, gain momentum and gain strength in your target market.
  3. Spending money on tools and tech vs. visibility and marketing
    • One common mistake entrepreneurs make is spend thousands of dollars on tools, gadgets and technical equipment to scale their business. The problem is, if you aren’t putting your money into visibility and marketing, the tools won’t make a difference.
    • Having visibility and marketing is key to launching your business. Put your money and time into driving traffic and visibility to your business.
  4. Going at it alone instead of following a proven business growth system
    • There is no one thing out there that you can go get that will “copy and paste” and build your business for you.
    • Instead, find someone or something you can guide and teach you a step by step system that will facilitate results!
  5. Not planning ahead for the financial investment to launch, build and grow a sustainable business
    • So many entrepreneurs are blown away at how much of an investment it is to make a business profitable and make the necessary investments.
    • Start by planning to grow your business by making sure you have the income coming in, a two-year runway (the money source and how you can support yourself) and plan for and have some sort of money that you are able to invest in advertising.
  6. The failure to embrace, learn and lead with sales and marketing
    • Make a point to learn these things as they are vital to your business. Embrace them and become a mentor to someone to teach them to.
    • There is no business if no clients are coming in and out of your doors every month. Are you wondering how to get clients coming in? Learn to make leads, nurture and effectively close them.
  7. Trying to do it all yourself: spending your time on tactical task and low level things that someone could do better
    • Are you trying to do it all by yourself? One of the things you should plan to budget for is someone who can assist in to-do tasks that would give you more time to get new clients and make your business visible!
  8. Taking advice from people who don’t already have a successful business
    • Are you beginning to start growing your business? Be mindful of who you take advice from. Only take it from people the right people who have either accomplished what you want to be, do and have.

Follow these eight steps and learn to how start a business!

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