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One question that I get all the time is: “How do I transition from working one on one with clients into the education marketing world?” This is a huge transition to make and from my personal experience I learned there are not a lot of small business courses online that offer this kind of expertise. Today, I am going to share with you the simple secret I discovered.


The secret to creating assets for your small business courses online:

Create trainings based on what questions your clients are asking you, simple as that! Instead of just answering your client’s questions one on one, tell them to wait a day or 2 and then create a training that will answer their question. Now, you have a training that can be used repeatedly and shared with any client who poses a similar question.


Takeaway #1: Reuse and repeat

The general rule of thumb is to create a new training for every question a client is asking you. Then, you can continue to use these trainings to answer the question for other clients. You can also incorporate these trainings into different small business courses online that people will buy.


Takeaway #2: Create different levels

Create different levels of trainings with varied topics based on your clients’ needs and interests. Many entrepreneurs struggle to create money because they offer packages that are too big of a commitment up front. Instead, ease your client into the process by offering them smaller packages or free content to start. You can even offer some small business courses online. This way, they will feel comfortable enough with you and see that you are a worthy investment before they take the next step.


Takeaway #3: Build your portfolio

Start building a portfolio now of all the online assets you have to sell. Online audio and video trainings are huge in virtually every market. Take the top questions from your prospects and certain clients and start building your portfolio of sellable assets from there.


Takeaway #4: Sell them what they want, not what you think they want

Sometimes we want to create a product or service based on our own passion and not necessary what the client wants. You need to sell the client what they want, not what you think they should want. Sell them exactly what they are asking for and create small business courses online.

These quick easy tips are a great way to start building passive and potentially recurring income in your business! Do the work once and set yourself up to get paid over and over again.


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