Speaking Topic: Rethink Exercise! Revolutionize Your Routine to Get the Most Out of Life!

It’s easy to book Kelly Roach to speak and download everything you need to promote her appearance. On this page, you will find the topic description, along with some suggested questions, to make hosting Kelly as your speaker, presenter, or guest easy and fun!

Topic Description (For Your Website, Blog, E-mails, Flyers, etc.):

Leaders who REALLY want the competitive edge can take their teams to the top by integrating exercise, wellness, and personal development into the daily work routine.  This drives engagement and peak performance.  Busy entrepreneurs who juggle their business, family, and other obligations can get a lot more done as well.

In this groundbreaking presentation, Kelly shares information vital to success including:

  • The top secret to incorporating health, wellness and exercise into our too-busy lives.
  • Low-cost and no-cost ways to incorporate wellness programs into the workplace to get you and your team back on track
    The direct impact exercise and wellness has and how you can get from where you are to where you want to be
  • And much, much more!

Suggested Questions (For Interviews And Online Events):

  • First of all, Kelly, you managed to grow a successful, profitable business while working a full-time job at a Fortune 500 Company.  How did you do it?
  • Wow, that’s a lot!  A lot of people could never do that.  Why does it seem like everyone is so tired all the time?
  • Having a gym membership, and actually going, are two different things.  People just don’t have time to stand in line waiting for the machines to open up.  How can we exercise without the gym?
  • Why are so many business leaders, employees, as well as entrepreneurs failing to get done nearly as much as they want?
  • How can entrepreneurs and business leaders incorporate wellness programs into the workplace or work routine?
  • What impact do exercise and wellness have on your ability to achieve your goals?

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