Remember Your HEALTH with Amanda Bayerle

When I say to remember your health, I don’t mean overloading yourself with intense workouts instead of dedicating time that could be spent growing your business.

But this is one of the most common misconceptions people have when I mention remembering their health and well being — some people automatically jump to, “she wants me to spend my hour for calls working out?”

This is why I’m so excited about episode 25 of Unstoppable Success RadioAmanda Bayerle, health and fitness expert and co-founder of The True Challenge is on the show this week discussing why and how busy entrepreneurs can incorporate fitness and healthy eating habits into their lives.

Because really, a healthy business needs a healthy owner. You need to have the energy to keep up with your startup and a clear, focused mind to make the right decisions.

And all of that starts with your health.

In this episode, Amanda shares with us:
  • Her top health hacks for bringing your wellness back into focus without taking away time from growing your business
  • The simple philosophy she uses for personal growth, that directly affects professional growth
  • How important it is to find mentors, learn from the best, and how to work your new-found dedication to yourself AND your business in a manageable, productive schedule

Are you ready to see REAL results? I say that a lot, but today I mean real results on you… because you are the best resource you have in creating a freedom-based business.

If you are ready to get started today, you can check out Amanda’s EXCLUSIVE free offer for all Unstoppable Success Radio listeners by visiting The True Challenge video series.

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