Perfection is Holding You Back

Finish line.Will you wait for the timing and circumstances to equal perfection? We all know that day will never come.

Perfection is the enemy of Action.

Action is the source of all goals that are met, dreams that come true and fortunes that are made.

What ever is holding you back, whatever is standing in the way of you claiming the life you deserve, fulfilling your purpose and being everything you can possibly be, I promise you it offers no solace and no reward.

Staying the same guarantees you exactly what you have and that you stay right where you are right now.

Have you ever noticed that the anxiety leading up to something is often far worse that the experience itself?

It’s all in your head. The worst part is breaking out of your shell, pushing through the fear of failure and stepping into action.

At first it’s cumbersome, then it becomes routine and finally it’s addicting because it begins yielding wild success.

When I work with business owners who want to grow their business, and increase their income it’s not a lack of talent, knowledge or resources that holds them back, it’s a lack of execution.

It’s the paralysis by analysis that keeps them frozen and stagnant. As soon as we break them out of that it’s like a dam that breaks and the business floods in.

So where are you stuck? What’s holding you back? Take a step back and look at that one thing you have been avoiding, it’s probably the most important thing for you to focus on. Stop focusing on perfection, and focus on prosperity!

Follow these simple steps to create a Breakthrough now!
  1. Ask yourself: what you really want and why?
  2. Ask yourself: if the path you are on today will get you there?
  3. Ask yourself: what the worst thing that could happen if you tried a new approach or got on a path that could lead you there would be?
  4. Ask yourself: if it is more painful to stay where you are Forever or to risk a little bit of discomfort now in order to live the rest of your life the way you envisioned or dreamed it could be?

You don’t have to go at it alone, make it up as you go or learn by trial and error. Perfection is impossible, but you can learn to make smart, strategic moves that will propel you to success.

Imagine working personally with a mentor that will literally walk you step by step through each aspect of building and growing a sustainable, profitable business.

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