Optimizing Your Website For Success with Jill Stanton

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Where is the one place prospects can go to see all of your offerings and get a better understand of YOU!? It’s your website, your home base!! The question is, how do you get more people to see it?


Today I brought on co-owner of Screw The Nine to Five and co-host of the ‘Screw The Nine To Five’ podcast with her husband Josh, Jill Stanton and she talking all things WEBSITE TRAFFIC. How you can put a piece of free content on your website and get clients. Check out the full episod to learn how!


(7:17) “Think of it as an ultimate guide but it’s a blog post. It’s a very in depth, highly researched piece of free content that site on your website and is tricked out with key words and all this stuff. But it leads to revenue in your business”


(10:26) “My number one would definitely be, and this is a lesson i learned right away, thankfully straight in my first year of business with Josh is don’t assume you know what people want”


(16:39) “I’m pretty excited pumped about the team to be honest. That was one of our biggest goals of this year, was to find a really dialed in team LOCALLY!”


Join Jill and Josh’s webinar by heading over to www.screwtheninetofive.com/workshop and you can check out the cornerstone resource by heading over to www.screwtheninetofive.com/webinars


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