Numbers that Matter in Online Marketing

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We look at numbers everyday. We dial them on our phones, we check them to make sure we are going the right speed, and we use them to splurge a little here and there (wink wink). But we need to start looking at them differently.


In this episode we are talking about numbers that REALLY matter when it comes to online marketing. Let’s be honest, there are numbers flying all over the place. You need to know how to understand the results you get. Good business practises are not always measured in dollars and cents. There are 4 areas you need to focus on when trying to understand your numbers.



  • Build a list! In the online world your list is everything. The people on it are your potential buyers. Building your list every month will create the growth in your business
  • Look at how much revenue you make based on your email community. This number can change but the math is still the same. Once you figure you out how many people you need add a month, you can set REAL goals to see growth.
  • How many leads do you need to gain in order to get a new customer? You need to be thinking about this so you can start making the connection between a lead and a new client
  • Understanding what the lifetime value of your customer! See what a current customer is valued at. Once you know how much to spend on a current client then you will get a better idea for future clients.


Looking at the numbers is something every business owner needs to do. It’s time to stop running the business with your emotions and running the game with NUMBERS. Now you may need to listen to this episode more than once and take some notes, but that’s ok! Like I said before we see numbers all the time, so it’s time to pay attention to numbers that REALLY matter!


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