NEW SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE: The 0-$100k Simple System, Version 2.0 (TIME SENSITIVE)

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That’s right – I’m giving away FIVE “full ride” scholarships to the new version of our program, The Simple 0-$100k System (which means you get to go through the program for FREE).

Click the audio player at the top of this post to listen to a description of the program and how you can enter to win!


The Simple 0-$100k System Version 2.0 is strictly focused on helping you generate leads, have quality conversation, and close more clients.




The first version was allllll about closing B2B clients, bringing on corporate clients, and getting the high-dollar, big wins for your business. But, we’re always looking to improve, so we asked you – What do YOU need?


You said you needed the same simple, blueprint system – but to close clients ONLINE.


We’ve spent the last few months totally customizing the program to your needs as they relate to generating, qualifying, engaging, and converting clients online.


The program is a systematic procedure that you can follow to close your first $100k (or next $100k) in sales in just under 6 months.


It is a “rinse and repeat” system intended to FIRST be used by the business owner to get the systems and income in place. SECOND, it’s meant to coach your first hire, sales rep, etc. when you’ve gotten to the place that you have someone to do sales for you.


So, we heard you!


Whether you want to be a closing machine and watch as your bottom line skyrocket, OR you’re just getting this in place so you can hire faster and get more help, this program is perfect for you.



What are people saying about the Simple 0-$100k System and working with us?


“I broke 5 figures in my first month with The Simple 0-100K System program”

— Mariana Ruiz,


“New Client Growth is through the Roof!”

— Joel Gilhang, Gilhang Financial Group, LLC,


“I learned how to make profitable decisions!”

–Kim Ransom, Owner – Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club, LLC.



If you want to grab one of the FIVE available scholarships (meaning you get to go through the program for free!):


  1. Email my team at
  2. In the subject line, put “Scholarship Application 2017 & 0-$100k System”
  3. In the email, tell us a little bit about yourself and your business, as well as why you feel you’re the best candidate for this scholarship. What’s your commitment? What are some of your big dreams and goals for yourself and your biz?


We’re excited to open up this opportunity! We look forward to supporting you in achieving your goals in 2017.