Kelly Roach International Provides Actionable Content, Elite Guests on iTunes

Unstoppable RadioKelly Roach, CEO of Kelly Roach International and business growth strategist, wants to help entrepreneurs escape the trap of working more and earning less in their business than they did in their corporate careers.

“The vast majority of small businesses today are struggling to get by with very little profit or are shutting down all together,” Roach said.

“The economy needs small businesses and I want to do something to help change this devastating trend.”

The former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader turned Fortune 500 Executive and now Million Dollar Marketing Mentor recently launched “Unstoppable Success Radio,” a podcast available on iTunes.

Unstoppable Success Radio is designed to give listeners the strategies, information and resources needed to grow their business and achieve their personal and professional goals by simply listening to the episodes at their convenience.

FreedomRoach will do a significant amount of teaching and training on the show in addition to bringing on special guests to inspire, motivate and educate her listeners on what it really takes to build a profitable, dream business. Already gracing the show is an elite guest list including John Lee Dumas, Peter Voogd, Judy Robinett and many more.

“If I can change a life, inspire a new action or give an insight that helps change the trajectory of someone’s future, it is all worth it to me” said Roach.