Increasing sales is as easy as 1, 2, 3

iStock_000018767422XSmall-300x230Today is all about increasing sales in 3 easy steps.

We aren’t going to reinvent the wheel. It’s time to get back to the PROVEN, successful ways you can see more money in your pocket.

Activity breeds results. But laser beam focused, highly targeted, precise activity creates BREAKTHROUGH BUSINESS RESULTS.

If you are going to work hard, work smart, so that the work you put into your business delivers the output you need to support your goals and have you increasing sales faster.

1. Take a look at who you are selling and marketing to.

How can you refine your focus to create a prospect list that is most likely to buy? It is better to sell to a smaller list that is highly targeted than wasting your marketing dollars and effort throwing spaghetti at the wall. What can you do today to add one more layer to your definition of your ideal client and begin attracting individuals that are most likely to buy?

You need to create messages that cause your ideal client to say, “This is for me!” If you are too broad or generic your audience won’t be sure if what you are offering is the right fit for them and uncertainty causes hesitation.

Create one new marketing item this week with a highly targeted message and offer. Get in front of your best, most well defined group of prospects with this new added layer of clarity around who you are targeting.

2. Increase your activity.

Stop complicating your business. You don’t need to add the next gadget or bright shiny object in order to be successful. If you begin executing the fundamentals more effectively, you will immediately see an increase in new clients.

Follow These Steps Now:

  • Add a greater number of new prospects to your funnel this week than you usually add during a typical business week
  • Make more outbound sales calls and follow-up calls to those who have expressed interest in the past
  • Send more outbound prospecting emails and follow-up emails to those who have expressed interest in the past
  • Increase the follow-up action steps to prospects already in your sales funnel
3. Get out of the box.

Step up and stand out! Do something radically different for your clients and prospects this week. This will put you in the front of their minds AND prompt them to take the next step… boom! You’re increasing sales faster.

What can you do to rise above the clutter and capture your clients’ and prospects’ attention? Maybe a free gift to support their business, or an audio or video?

Other simple gift ideas might include a book, an article, a flower arrangement, or chocolates. There are a million different possibilities. Spending $50.00 to stand out can easily net you thousands in income and profit.

You need to measure every dollar you spend on your business in terms of return on investment. For this exercise you may only pick your top 50 prospects and focus on aggressively moving them forward to the next point of purchase. Focus is power!

Bottom line: increasing sales means these 3 steps:
  1. Tighten Your Focus
  2. Increase Your Activity
  3. Step Up and Standout

There is no reason you can’t implement these 3 easy steps today and see an immediate return on investment. Share your results and breakthroughs on my Facebook page. I can’t wait to hear how you are increasing sales and increasing your SUCCESS!