Increase Your Sales Within Your Business

Increase Your Sales Within Your Business

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I think there’s typically five things that stand in the way of entrepreneurs achieving their goals within their business

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Resources
  4. Team
  5. Knowledge


But guess what?


All of these things can be acquired no matter what your situation is in your business!


I had a great conversation the other day on one of our coaching calls.


We were talking about one of my business owners who owns a party planning company that goes in with characters and does birthday party events.


She was saying how she wanted to offer photography.


I said “It’s time for you to acquire a photographer! You need one on your team that you brought on, that you train or get training for that you pay as an employee vs. outsourcing,”


This type of thinking allows you to make more profitable decisions within your business


Break the rules!


Disrupt what everyone else is doing in your market.


A lot of times that means looking at what everyone else is doing and running in the complete opposite direction.


Are companies in your market doing email marketing, phone calls and e- newsletters?


Maybe it’s time for you to do social media marketing, podcasting, live calls, and offering question and answer sessions with your clients.


One of the ways I have done this in my business is as everyone is leaning on email for their marketing and growth, we have people on the phones.


We are getting referrals nonstop and our sales have been the best they have ever been.


We are also achieving more growth than we ever did since relying exclusively on email for marketing.


As everyone decided to run in this direction, we went over here and BOOM we are seeing results.


Increase your sales within your business today!


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