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There’s nothing more rewarding as an entrepreneur than finally getting to shift your focus from success to significance.



We’re back with The Impact Report to recap January 2017 and let you know exactly what we are doing to make an impact in the world, the places we are raising money for, the organizations we are supporting, and hopefully inspire you to be the change you wish to see in the world, too.




REMINDER: our big goal at Kelly Roach Coaching is to make sure everyone has access to clean drinking water to people around the world. Water is the life-sustaining thing that we cannot live without, and it is our mission and purpose to make sure everyone has access to that.


Here’s our biggest update:

Set our goal and intention to build a well for a community or school – hear how we’ve broken this big goal into manageable increments + how many people we’ve brought clean water to for LIFE so far


Tune in to hear the full rundown of everything else we’ve done this year and will continue to do, too!


Want to check out what we’re doing and find out how you can join in, too? Head to back to get all the info!



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