How we’re navigating the iOS 14 update

You’ve probably heard about it (it’s pretty much breaking the internet. Quite literally). The release of the latest iOS update, one of Apple’s biggest updates to date, has things on the internet seeming pretty wonky. Maybe you’ve noticed your ads getting rejected, your audience shrinking, or you’re not getting as much engagement as you used to. With that being said, we figured now is a great time to chat through some of the workarounds that we are following as a team here at The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program.  Although our ads, promotions and retargeting may not be as amplified as we’re used to, below are a few key tips from our paid traffic managers on how we are surviving the iOS 14 update:

First things first, you absolutely must verify your domain. Whether you handle your own FB ads or not,this is the first step in working around the most recent update. You want to make sure the primary domain that you’re sending traffic to is verified. You can do this by logging in to your FB business page > business settings > brand safety > domains and you will be walked through the verification process.

If you’re doing it yourself, know that there’s an 8-event limit. Once you’re verified, you will then need to go to the aggregate events tab on the FB events manager and choose those 8 conversions to prioritize for that domain. Be intentional about the conversions that are most important to you. Things to know:


  • You can not configure these events until your domain is verified (only the business owner should verify the domain, do NOT have an outside agency do this.)
  • You must configure the events in order to optimize for events. In other words, you can’t retarget.
  • You MUST own the domain.


The next step is optional, but optimal. In events manager, you’ll want to track these conversions via the API (application program interface).

So, what’s working? As of right now,  Facebook lead ads are working extremely well, as they are coming out with great workarounds to combat these new changes. Facebook has actually announced topic-based targeting as well as the initial stage of IG reel ads. That’s great news when it comes to potential outreach! But, that doesn’t mean forget about sending people to your websites and other home bases. The problem with keeping it entirely on facebook is that…if you haven’t noticed, things change alllll the time on social media! So, you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Leverage the platform’s tools, but don’t rely on it.

Another thing that’s starting to work: lookalikes! People who have liked images, saved posts, visited profiles, watched a video and so on. What you can do is pay to show a few video ads to your audience and then retarget those lookalikes.

It’s important to know that the audiences that are going to be affected by the updates are website custom audiences, and app activity custom audiences. Your customer list custom audiences and engagement custom audiences won’t be impacted by this. As long as you own the data you can use the data.

Bottom line is, there are a ton of misconceptions about the new update. But it’s important to know that at the end of the day, the online world is changing and you WILL be able to adapt to it. You will just need to start measuring your data and results a little bit differently than you have been in the past.

So take a breath. Don’t get frustrated and give up. And just know that things are going to be just fine!


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Caption: If the latest update has your ads running wonky, don’t panic.

Today on the blog, our team is sharing some simple workarounds to the latest update. Check it out with the link above!


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The iOS 14 update has everyone slightly panicked. Remember: the internet is constantly changing, and it’s our job to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening, how to navigate and ultimately come out on top.

Today on the blog, we’re sharing some tips from our paid traffic managers on how you can workaround the latest updates. Link in bio!