How to Diversify Your Paid Traffic

So you’re ready to step foot into the world of paid traffic. But with platform nuances, iOS updates and a whole lot of uncertainty around when ads will and won’t perform, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. So, we’ve rounded up three ways you can diversify your paid traffic. Whether you’re looking to bring more leads into your ecosystem, retarget old leads, build brand awareness and more, here are three ways to do it!

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Let’s get started:

  1. Conversion Ads and Retargeting

To get started with running Facebook ads, you’ll want to head over to Facebook’s Business Suite. This is where you’ll create your business manager account. Once you have it set up, you can create your page, your ad account, your pixel, and upload and verify your domain. Once you have the business manager set up, you can begin running ads.

There are two ad objectives that are great for just getting started.

  1. Lead generation objective. With this, you don’t have to link or build any external web pages. You can easily create an offer, run ads and collect leads directly on the platform. You can collect your leads either from a tab on your business page, or by connecting your CRM.
  2. Conversions. If you want to drive traffic to your website to generate leads, conversions is the way to go. You’ll use the pixel to create a conversion event, so the algorithm can optimize for that particular event (in this case, a lead). This will allow you to generate leads at the best possible price.

You can also set up retargeting campaigns in Facebook. To do this, you’ll want to follow these three steps:

  • Click the “audience” tab from the drop down menu in the top left hand corner of your ads manager.
  • Create audiences around anyone who visits your website or engages with your page, posts, or ads on your social media platforms. If you share video content, you’ll also want to retarget anyone who consumes that content.
  • In the Facebook Business Manager – create a conversion or lead generation campaign that targets those warm audiences specifically.

These people will likely already know, like and trust you, so they’re cheaper to collect and are far more likely to buy.


  1. Facebook branding campaigns

While most service-based business owners are running Facebook ads at this point, they’re also primarily running conversion ads with sales funnels in place.

They work, but here’s the catch: you are only attracting about 1 to 3% of people that’ll buy right away. That means:

  • More competition
  • Lower ROI on ad spend.

If you want to get in front of the remainder, your best bet is to run branding ads. This will result in more sales, with less ad spend. Facebook branding ads are about a fraction of the cost of conversion ads, and are a great way to build up your warm audience .

An example of branding ads could be videos or educational posts, with a value-driven call to action. You can then create custom audiences based on those who engaged with your branding ads. The cost per lead (CPL) will be lower when running the conversion ads to your new warm audience, and again: you’ve built up your know, like, and trust factor.

  1. Google Search Remarketing Ads

We all want to drive traffic to our website or landing page. The best thing you can do is build up an audience list from those pages, and remarketing to previous visitors with a remarketing campaign. Getting traffic will help to build your list, which will then allow you to re-target those who have previously visited your page.

To start building your remarketing list, you can get started in Google Audience Manager.

We hope this was a helpful start to your paid traffic journey. But remember: you never want to rely on one source of lead generation. So, be sure to mix in organic strategies with your paid strategy for optimal results! For more tips on organic growth (that doesn’t take thousands of hours), be sure to check out our Marketing Mastery Club membership!