How to Manage Your Time

How to Manage Your Time

Seeing room for improvement when it comes to your time management? Struggling to get it all done during the time you’ve allotted to your biz? In this blog post today, you will learn how to manage your time.

Starting off as an entrepreneur and coming up with a plan on how to manage your time can be quite the process.

It takes time to create a schedule and figure out where your main focuses should be – especially when it seems like EVERYTHING is demanding and fighting for your time.

The fact of the matter is, most entrepreneurs don’t actually have enough time with all that is going on within their business to:

  • Create and be able to see progress
  • Achieve their goals.

The key thing is….. 

It is where you’re currently putting most of your energy as an entrepreneur that is holding you back from the successes and achievement of goals.

These are things like loading social media, answering every email as soon as it comes in, trying to create graphics, perfecting your website and trying to figure out the techy things, etc. The $10/hour tasks.

Every entrepreneur wants to begin seeing

  • Traction
  • Results
  • The ability to start taking an income within your small business

Figure out where it is you could be putting more time and energy — it’s the sales and marketing as well as actually servicing your clients! Your focus needs to be on the things that generate revenue. As we like to say, remember to work closest to the dollar. Your newsletter is less likely to bring in a client than a 1:1 consult with you is. See the difference?

You can facilitate big (positive) change in your business in just 1, 3, or 5 hours per day. Not to mention, you’ll also reap the benefits of…

  • Clarity
  • Peace
  • Growth within your business without the pressure and stress

With these steps, learning how to manage your time won’t seem as hard at all!

Are you still wondering how to manage your time?

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