Leverage Your Time

How to Leverage Your Time

Today’s blog post is inspired by a #TBT episode from Unstoppable Success Radio that will teach you how to leverage your time and grow your business!

Are you wondering “How can I leverage my time?”

Most times entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives get stuck in the busy to-dos within their role and responsibility. They don’t have any time or don’t take the time to step back and realize what is happening. These to-do’s cause business owners to not have enough time to leverage their business and find financial freedom within their business.

No matter where you are on the scale of “How well you can manage time and focus within your business?”, these key strategies will be powerful in growing and scaling your business!

Learning how to leverage your time and grow your business takes automating, delegating, outsourcing and deleting. Remember: ADOD! More on that below.

Not only will you be able to leverage your time, but you will be able to grow your income and accelerate growth within your business!

Begin by asking yourself “What can I address this week that falls into one of these categories?” and “How can I shift my focus more to these four categories more often?”

Four components you need to know how to leverage your time:

  1. Automation
    • This is all about creating systems, processes, internal training, and putting things into place for your business.
    • It’s also a critical part of building a sustainable business because from the start, and you want to have an exit strategy. Even if you don’t want to one day sell your business, you want to be able to go away for two-three months and have your business running like a machine.
    • Many entrepreneurs feel as though they are the only ones who can run the business. They know all of the in’s and out’s and the business can’t run without them.
    • Get those tasks and to-dos off your plate and onto someone else so you as the business owner or executive can focus on creating leverage within your business.
  2. Delegation
    • Unclench those fists, bring others into your fold and understand you have limits
    • There’s only so much you can do as a human. It’s only when you start to uncap your personal potential by creating a team, that you will be able to replicate efforts, scale and leverage your business. This way you can double and quadruple your income.
    • It’s all about empowering, training and being effective and efficient with how you get more people onboard within your business.
  3. Outsourcing
    • Know when it’s time to bring in an outside expert.
    • Let go of the money and bring someone in who can do it faster, better and cheaper to create leverage within your business and bring back lost time. Not only will you be able to leverage business, but you will have financial leverage as well.
  4. Delete
    • When trying to grow your business and obtain the income you want, for every hour spent within your business, you are spending time on things that create results.
    • Most of what people spend their time on never produces the results, the income or the growth they are seeking within their business.
    • Not spending a majority of your time, energy and focus on creating income in your business is only going to cause a struggle to grow.
    • Challenge yourself and come up with TEN things you can delete within your business that are no longer working, keeping you where you are and are stagnant. This way you can figure out how to leverage your time and your business and facilitate financial leverage within your company.


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