How to Lead Your Team to Greatness

How to Lead Your Team to Greatness

Leadership is important in every aspect of our lives. From your home life, to your relationship with your spouse, to your kids, to the community, and more, these things all lead back to leadership. In this post you will learn how to lead your team to greatness.

It’s not just your outside life that requires leadership. Leadership also needs to show in your business. Being an entrepreneur, business owner, or corporate executive and leading everyone on your team within your business takes work.

As hardworking or as good as a leader you may think you are, no one can figure out how to lead a team alone. It takes a team of people to get the job done.

Which brings us to a key point: Hiring. It seems like the worst thing to do.

Have you hired someone and it went wrong? Things escalated and it just scared you away from hiring again?

We get it. Many entrepreneurs feel the same way. They struggle with hiring people for their business due to their fear of the amount of investing it will take.

The reason why entrepreneurs struggle to hire is because they don’t know the best possible way to receive a return on investment. They also don’t understand how to get that from the people within their company that they are leading.

Hiring a winning team not only leads to more freedom, but financial abundance and getting the results you and your company are looking for.

Although this may seem difficult, there are steps that you can take within your business to learn how to lead your team to greatness. And it will become less intimidating along the way.

  1. Confidence

    • You need to have the confidence within yourself so it trickles down to your team. They need to see you have the drive, passion and conviction, but you also need to believe in them.
    • Believe in your team more than they believe in you. Having that certainty and confidence is going to empower your team to be motivated and step in the game with you to achieve the goals.
  2. “You think, they do”

    • By constantly innovating and seeing the bigger picture, it makes your team all the more motivated to work fast and at greater ease.
  3. Make complex things simple 

    • Great leaders take a complicated thing and turn it into something easier to be a better teacher.
    • By teaching, you are motivating your team to get the results you and your company are seeking.
  4. Resolve the fears, concerns and frustrations of your team

    • Talk to your team. Ask them what their feedback is on your business, really listen to what they are saying and make decisions based off of your findings.
    • By being in the game with your team, the execution level will raise and make you a much better business person at the end of the day.
  5. Personalize how you manage

    • Understand each person on your team’s working style and ideas. The more you do this, the more impactful you will be to them to achieve their peak.
  6. Understand and leverage people’s strengths

    • When you think of building a team, think of it as putting all of the puzzle pieces together
    • Where does each person on your team (and their strengths and weaknesses) fit?
    • Use that knowledge to leverage out what each person is good and not so good at. By fulfilling those roles, your team will then cover the entire spectrum of duties within your business.
  7. Long-range vision balanced with a short term plan

    • We sometimes get caught up in the moment and make a decision based off the situation. However, these choices can be damaging.
    • You have to keep your vision in mind and ask yourself “How will this fit within my business and my goals?”
  8. You need to be the shepherd

    • Don’t walk in on Monday morning and start quarterbacking the team. Get in the game with your team on the field.
    • Have a sense of what’s going on so you don’t come back days, months or weeks later wondering what has happened.
    • Be the coach, guide and mentor in order to take action and direct them into the right areas. Furthermore, you will learn how to lead your team to greatness and what it takes to reach your goals.
  9. Believe in them and see the potential

    • Push your team to reach their own personal goals
    • It’s typical for a manager or leader to discuss what the goal is for the company rather than the employee.
    • Be invested in what your employees are looking for to assist them in their growth.

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