How to Dominate the Competition

Are you ready to learn how to dominate the competition in your niche, field or industry? In today’s video, you will receive tips on how to become an influencer and authority in your field, so that customers will see you as the obvious choice.


3 tips on how to dominate the competition


  1.      Realize that competition is GOOD

Many entrepreneurs feel intimidated or scared when there is competition. Shift your mindset! Competition within your industry is a good thing because it means there is a lot of money flowing in your industry. The minute you stop being afraid of the competition and realize that they can be used as an asset, it will make a difference.


  1.      Show your differences

Show your prospects and that you can provide the ideal experience. Ask customers what they don’t like about their current provider. Also, ask them what are the things they loved, hated, and what would be ideal experience for them as a customer. Ask your prospects the right questions and they will give you answers, making you the obvious choice.


  1.      Do what the competition is not willing to do and do it better

If you want to learn how to dominate the competition, you need to be willing to do what the competition is not willing to do. You must have superior customer service, go above and beyond in the way that you deliver, and add extra benefits that your competition doesn’t want to. Also, create a sense of family and community with your customers. Make yourself the obvious choice.


Are you ready to learn the holy grail of how to dominate the competition?


The holy grail is… Engineer your celebrity!

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How to Dominate the Competition:



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