“How Can I Generate More Leads?”

Today I want to talk to you about the number one frustration I hear from entrepreneurs and small business owners which is, “How can I start generating more leads?’ The first thing I recommend is to evaluate whether or not you are effectively using direct response marketing.


Generating more leads in your business boils down to three things.

  1. 11050124_733854950060908_6048643850347821818_n-300x200An IRRESISTIBLE Free Offer. This is the FREE gift that you offer that will happily register to receive because it adds so much value to their lives or solves their biggest problem. This can be a sample of your product or service, a free consultation, an audio, an E-Book or training.

The necessary ingredients that will ensure that your Free Offer is effective:

  • A compelling, urgent, action oriented Headline
  • A clear Call to Action
  • An offering that is Relevant and Bottom Line Focused
  • A 3-5 descriptive bullets that clearly state what they will receive and why they have to have it
  • Enticing graphics and pictures that convey value
  • A place that invites them to enter their name and email
  • A button that gives an effective call to action. The “SUBMIT” button just isn’t going to cut it (the last thing people want to do is submit to get one more marketing email).

2. VISIBILITY to your target market. If you are not driving leads to your FREE offers on a consistent basis chances are your lead generation efforts will be inconsistent, which leads to peaks and valleys in your income AND unpredictable, sporadic new client growth.

3. Make sure all roads lead back to your email list and that it is stored in a safe place that you own. This is one of the keys to automating and scaling your business.
Time to do a quick once over of your FREE offers to see if they are making the grade.

I hope you enjoyed these quick tips on how to generate more leads for your business. If you are stuck and need help take a look at my Coaching and Mastermind program that walks through this in detail. Get all the details here: https://kellyroachcoaching.com/b2fcm

For more business building tips on how to generate more leads, check out my podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio!