Full Time Income, Part Time Hours with Jason Benavides

Full time income on part time hours is every entrepreneur’s dream.

Building a business means giving 110% every day. There are marketing campaigns to be built, clients to close, and so much more.

In fact, it’s easier to get lost in the “to-dos” and add more hours to your day, leaving you feeling exhausted. It is likely you have lost focus of yourself and taking care of yourself.

That’s right: I am talking about good old-fashioned exercise and proper nutrition.

This week on Unstoppable Success Radio, my friend and head coach of Octane Athletic Performance Jason Benavides discusses how he has integrated health as a huge focus in his life, and how it has helped his business exponentially by giving him the energy he needs to give 110% to his work every day.

Oh, and how he’s the one making the full time income working part time hours.

You will learn:
  • Just how Jason is earning a full time salary while working part time hours
  • The importance of building an “A team” that will help you pursue your passion
  • Why entrepreneurs need to implement wellness into their weekly rituals to increase their energy they can give to their growing business

You CAN be both healthy and wealthy. Don’t you owe it to yourself? Would an increase in energy help you work faster and smarter?

You can feel refreshed, focused, and healthy each and every day without overloading your schedule and falling behind in your work.

Ready to get growing & going? Let Jason be your guide as you implement his simple strategies into your schedule to feel better than ever — and have the gusto needed to tackle your work day.

To learn more about Jason and the work he is doing as a fitness coach, visit Octane Athletic Performance