Finally: A First-Of-Its Kind Program That Breaks The “Job Trap” Cycle
So Corporate Executives Can Start Their Own Business And Claim
Their Personal And Professional Fulfillment And Happiness

Get the step-by-step, exact road-map, guidance and support
to build your own home-based business while
continuing to thrive in your full-time position!

From The Desk Of:
Kelly Roach, Business Growth Strategist And Trailblazer

Dear Fellow Corporate Executive,

corporate-prisonerAre you a high-achieving, results-driven Corporate Executive feeling imprisoned by your own success?

Does your family depend on you financially?  So much so that you would never dream of quitting your job to do what you really love?

Are you outwardly successful, but horribly unfulfilled inside?

Then stay with me for just a moment longer as I reveal how you can blast past these roadblocks to begin experiencing NOW, the lifestyle and the freedom that, up until now, you have worked so hard to (hopefully eventually) attain.

Waiting For The “Right Time” Means Missing Out
On The Opportunities In Front Of You

As a driven, results-oriented individual, you may find yourself ready for a shift. You have powerful corporate experience that you’d like to transfer to building a legacy of your own on your own terms.

You already know: not claiming your chance to make a change means you stay stuck in the box.

Businessman In A Cardboard Box

Not making your Freedom Shift means you continue to build someone else’s dream, limited in your professional growth by their immediate needs, knowing it could all be yanked away on that same someone else’s whim.

The good news is: it doesn’t have to be like this any longer.

Introducing: A One Of A Kind Program Designed Specifically For Senior Level
Business Executives Who Want To Design, Build And Grow A Successful
Home Based Business… While Continuing To Thrive In Their Full-Time Position

Which of the following statements describe you?

  • You want a rich, balanced life that includes success and fulfillment
  • You have a passion that you want to bring to the world without risking it all financially
  • You crave the ability to create a future for yourself and your family that includes lifestyle and financial freedom
  • You want to uncap your earning potential and finally get paid what you are really worth
  • You want to be able to live, work and play anywhere in the World
  • You are ready to tap into your bigger purpose, be of service to the World and make a difference with your unique gifts

If you said “YES” to even one of these statements, keep reading.

We Have A Lot More In Common
Than You Probably Realize

Kelly Roach Business CoachI designed the Freedom Shift for you because of the stress, strain and frustration I faced when I first launch my Bridge To Freedom Business™.

I had been promoted 7 times in 8 years going from an entry level sales rep to a Senior Vice President of a Fortune 500 firm in record time. Yet, after nearly a decade of catapulting my career in Corporate America, I was ready for more.

When I first started my business while continuing in my senior executive role, I really struggled.

There were no programs that truly understood the unique challenges of building a business while working full time, let alone cater to them.

I suffered the heartache that went with missing friends and family events, holidays and vacations because I was putting in so many hours and traveling all over the place. I grew my income drastically, but experienced severe compromise in my personal life.

So there I was managing 50 people and a 50 million dollar portfolio embarking on my first entrepreneurial journey.

It Was The Most Rewarding And Fulfilling –
Yet The Hardest – Year Of My Life

To help corporate executives you like you avoid the pitfalls and achieve success sooner, I created the Freedom Shift – one of the greatest passions of my life.

This program serves as your catalyst for these outcomes:

  • Financial and lifestyle freedom for you and your family
  • Unlimited earning potential through Multiple Streams of Income
  • Your ability to meet your potential, fulfill your purpose, and achieve financial freedom
  • Live, work, and play anywhere in the World – running your business from a laptop and cell phone

Listen: there’s a better way to accomplish these goals than working 60 hours a week to earn a “paycheck.”

It’s about making the transition from earning hundreds of thousands, to millions.

It’s about transitioning from building someone else’s dream, to creating your own.

It’s about making all of these things possible without jeopardizing your family and your current full-time role.

“From Concept to Company in just a few months!”

Karina“Coaching with Kelly helped me transform my ideas and passion into a profitable business in just a few months. As a leader in a public government organization, it was quite a leap into my entrepreneurial journey with a total start up. Kelly helped me focus and implement the core components necessary to get into action and get going and growing. I saved thousands of dollars and skipped over years of hardship in designing and launching my business with the guidance of a seasoned pro. Coaching with Kelly is an investment you are sure to get a return on for years to come!”

Karina De La Cruz, MOL, Founder of Siembra Life,


Now, Let’s Pull Back The Curtain And Reveal
What You Will Gain In This Program

The Freedom Shift is a 180-day program designed to meet you where you are today, with all of your responsibilities, obligations and time constraints considered.

Imagine, for yourself, having someone who’s “been there, done that” taking you by the hand, working directly with you, helping you create your Bridge To Freedom Business™ while still holding down and excelling at your “day job”.

Between your career, your family, and your hobbies, this may have, up until now, felt like a stretch.  So vision how much easier this will be, and how much more access you will achieve, with me spoon-feeding you everything you need to make this work, including:



Everything You Need Will Be Included…
No Secrets Kept, Nothing Left Out!

As a Time Compression Expert, I specialize in helping individuals accomplish goals in record time. All of my best time compression systems and strategies are woven into this program to get your Bridge To Freedom Business™ up and running in record time.

I built my business to achieve my GOALS and DREAMS while I was working full time.  And now, so can you.

Colleen Aiken“Working with Kelly gives you Courage”

“Kelly offers a genuine energy that inspires you to think differently and have the courage to improve yourself.

If you are looking for guidance on setting goals and putting them into action, Kelly will offer achievable solutions!”

— Colleen Crowley
Senior Manager in Public Accounting, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP


Our Next “Freedom Shift” Class Begins Very Soon…
Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

During this program, you’ll work directly with me (Kelly Roach) to define, design and set up a freedom-based business to support your ideal lifestyle and financial goals.

Your first step is to secure your FREE 1/2-hour Business Coaching Strategy Session by completing the required assessment.

We will work together to create a strategic, step-by-step plan that:

  • Defines the right business model and income streams to support the lifestyle you desire (and step-by-step instructions on how to build and launch this business)
  • Creates a business model your market craves to ensure profitability by offering services you know they want (this includes complete market research and testing to determine the specific products and services your market will buy)
  • Automates and systematizes your business to create ongoing growth in profit and income (this includes helping you connect with best-in-class referrals for every aspect of your business set up)

Say “YES!” To The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of:
The Freedom Shift Program Is Your Answer!

Together, we will design your ideal, freedom-based business based on your current schedule, desired projections, timeline and more.

It is possible to build your Bridge To Freedom Business™ while thriving as a corporate executive.

Now is the time to take that first step forward.

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“One coaching call made a significant impact almost immediately”

Toy Parker“I have spent the past seven years helping other businesses grow and make millions. This year I decided to love my dreams enough to receive the abundance I have so willingly helped others achieve. I was amazed by how sincerely Kelly supported my goal to transition from my career as a corporate executive to full time entrepreneurship. I was struggling to figure out how to focus my time and energy, and Kelly immediately zeroed in on my passions and reaffirmed my skill set. She suggested minor tweaks to my website that turned out to make a major difference. Kelly helped me set my price points, and she gave me valuable advice on how to move forward in exceeding my financial goals for 2014. With her key tips on how to realign my infrastructure, I was able to market myself more effectively and I am now being sought after for speaking engagements. I would, without hesitation, recommend Kelly Roach International to anyone who is serious about growing their business with rapid results.”

— Toy Parker, Speaker, Creative Content, Marketing and Media Strategist, Founder of Live Wire Productions Plus,

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