[Freedom Series] Break the Cycle of Overwhelm & Exhaustion

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Someone somewhere along the way sold us a story that went something like this: kill yourself working for 45 or 50 years so that when you’re too sick and too tired and too old to enjoy living you can stop working for a few years before you die and finally live the life of your dreams.


There are 5 common regrets people express feeling when on their deathbed.  First, not having the courage to live a life true to themselves.  Second, they wish they hadn’t only focused on working hard.  Third, They wish they had had the courage to express their feelings.  Fourth, they wish they had stayed in touch with their friends.  And lastly, they wish they had allowed themselves to be happier.



It is so easy to get caught up in a cycle.  To fill every moment of every day with being pulled into other people’s needs and other people’s wants.  So often, we put the demands of our family and the demands of our job first.  We all fall privy to this notion of getting stuck on the treadmill of life.  It moves so fast that sometimes for weeks, months, or even years we forget how to actually live.



Today’s episode is designed as a wake up call.  In Episode 3 of The Freedom Series, we’re talking about a topic that could potentially save your life: how to break out of the cycle of burnout and exhaustion.


How much longer will you walk through life feeling numb?  Today we’re showing you how to break out from this cycle, embrace what each and every day has to offer, and begin living life to the fullest extent it was meant to be experienced.


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