Your Energy Is Costing You Sales

Promotion-300x200I am a huge believer in energy. Not just energy, but also in intention and mindset. These three things combined drive our life experience and business results… and they are often the power combo that is preventing people from achieving their goals.

This isn’t limited to one group: CEOs, entrepreneurs, influencers, small business owners… anyone can be affected by a negative mindset or low energy.

Sometimes, something as little as feeling confused or not confident about how you share who you are and what you do could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Many newer entrepreneurs come to me in the process of launching a business and share that they have participated in other programs or worked with other coaches with no success, and have no income to show for it.

Within just one session we can nail down their message and many immediately begin closing clients and gaining business rather quickly, without issue.

Then there are those that self-sabotage. We lay it all out, outline the message,
and create the play-by-play, but they don’t execute.

Why? They aren’t in the right mindset, and their energy is low and sometimes, off-putting to potential customers. To grow a wildly successful business and to have an extraordinary career or to maintain a passionate relationship, you need to, first and foremost, be in control of yourself, your emotions and your thought patterns.

It starts with identifying when you are having self-deprecating thoughts or engaging in scarcity thinking.

Most people have negative self-talk going on all day long and don’t even realize it. The phrases we repeat over and over again become our mantras, and effectively create the events and experiences of our lives. What we choose to believe about ourselves directly affects our energy, and our energy is what attracts others to us.

Once you have identified negative thoughts or fear-based decision making,
try to make a conscious effort to catch yourself and reverse your mindset and energy.

For example:

  • “I will never be able to get enough clients to stop living paycheck to paycheck”, can be replaced with: “One client at a time I will build my business until I can save money each month with ease”.
  • “I will never be able to hit the goal to get promoted, every time something goes well something else goes wrong”, can be replaced with: “There will always be problems and challenges but I trust that with hard work and focus I can overcome whatever comes my way. I can and will get promoted”.

Thirdly, take immediate action with each new thought in mind. Once you wrap your head around a new thought pattern, take new action in line with that new idea. This will create positive reinforcement for your new thought pattern and behavior and it will become easier and easier to continue moving forward each time.

Remember, you have everything you need to create the life you want, but it all starts on the inside.
Thoughts drive behavior and behavior creates our results. Now, Go take action!

Need a weekly boost to your energy and motivation? I cover mindset hacks and other business-building strategies on my podcast, Kelly Roach Coaching. Check it out!