Effective Sales 101: What & Who You Need to Know

26459893_s-300x300 (1)Everyone is using sales. However, designing an effective sales campaign can be one of the driving factors in doubling or tripling your business year over year. You would be surprised at how many people over-complicate the sales process, and you don’t need to follow their lead.

Let me start by defining what I am referring to in this post: an effective sales campaign is a series of high impact touches to a super targeted group of ideal prospects and customers. These people will then make a purchase of significance to your business if cultivated the right way.

Highly Targeted: A hand-selected group of prospects that meet ALL criteria for your ideal client. Pick a quantity that you can commit to investing in regularly that will have a significant payoff if closed. This group would make consistent purchases in the mid to high range of your price point.

Ideal Prospects: They meet the guidelines for your dream customer, are seeking or are already using a competing solution in your market, can afford your services or products and are in a position to say YES during your sales campaign!

Purchase of Significance: Every one of these clients that closes will have a major impact on achieving your business goals. You can afford to invest in the sales process because of the significance of the return.

Now that you know how to define the prospects you will target,
it’s time to get to work on closing those sales!

An impactful sales campaign condenses high impact touches using a variety of sales and marketing techniques.

Condensed Touches: A good sales campaign puts you in front of your targeted list in such a way that they cannot forget you. You are in front of them weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for a set period of time.

Using a variety of high impact sales and marketing techniques: Each touch positions you as an expert. Everything you put in front of your prospects should add value, make a difference and, most importantly, reinforce the fact that you can solve their most urgent problem or challenge. Variety is critical not only in the content but in the way in which the touch is executed.

A good campaign consists of:

  • Direct mail
  • Phone calls
  • Emails, mailers
  • In person touches (can be delivered)
  • Audio, visual, you name it!

Keep them guessing and they should get to the point that they look forward to “what’s next.”

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