Billion Dollar Determination with Cindy Eckert

UES 572: Determination and Conviction with Cindy Eckert

This week, self-made serial entrepreneur and vocal advocate for women Cindy Eckert joins Kelly to discuss her entrepreneurial journey that’s spanned several years of advocating for women and women-centered businesses.

Cindy is an industry disrupter, and her ability to persevere through the challenges she has faced as a female entrepreneur advocating for women’s health is inspiring to those hoping to break down barriers in their own industries. 

Within the last 10 years, she has started and sold two businesses for more than 1.5 billion dollars. Yes, you read that right…BILLION. Since then, Cindy has started The Pink Ceiling, an initiative she uses to invest and mentor other women-led businesses in hopes of producing the same outcome.

On this week’s episode of The Kelly Roach Show, Cindy shares her story, why she is so passionate about women in business and in life, and the determination and grit required for billion-dollar success.  

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