Corporate Warriors And Family Breadwinners: Take REAL Charge Of Your Career And Walk Across The Bridge To Freedom

A recent study conducted by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America found that, due to the rising cost of living and how much you need just to retire, over three-fourths of respondents in the 44-49 age range fear retirement more than death.

Now, THAT’S scary.

family-on-vacationAre you working in a corporate position right now and

  •  Financially well-compensated, but totally unfulfilled in your career?
  • Making a great salary with awesome benefits, but at a frightful cost to your quality of life?
  • Doing well at work, but unable to see a path forward that includes freedom of time and compensation that aligns with your true potential?

Before I reveal how the Bridge To Freedom Business™ Movement can help you, let’s talk about why so many people in corporate jobs want to start a business, but find themselves unable to do so.

The most common issue is a strong sense of responsibility to their families.  After all….

It Seems Like You Almost Need To Be A Millionaire Just To Get By These Days

skyrocketing-costsThink about the four biggest, necessary, critical living expenses we take on:

  • College tuition and fees
  • Child care and nursery school (needed so we can put in a full day at work)
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair to get us here, there, and everywhere on time
  • Food and beverages to fuel us

To really bring this together for us, let’s look just at college tuition.

We know the cost of a college education has gone up. A lot. But did you know, according to a recent Bloomberg article, it’s gone up 1,120% since 1978?

That’s one thousand, one hundred and twenty percent, within your conscious lifetime. As you can see from looking at your bank statements, your mortgage, doctor, and grocery bills haven’t exactly gone down.

What this often translates to:

You Feel Stuck In Your Job, Even Though You Know It’s Reckless NOT To Have Multiple Streams Of Income In This Economic Environment

As much as you may bring home a great paycheck and have good benefits (more and more an issue with each passing day), you know you’re in danger, and you know it’s not getting any better:

  • You probably won’t be promoted soon – with 63% of workers now feeling that long-term career advancement depends on sticking with one employer for a while, the person who holds your dream job now isn’t going anywhere if they can help it;
  • Fewer than half of employees say they’re satisfied at their job – which means don’t hold your breath waiting for anybody to make any effort whatsoever to tap the full range of your brilliance and make it more fun for you; and
  • This increase in employee loyalty is NOT being reciprocated – here’s just one example. Officially, Microsoft just laid off 18,000 employees, but far more people will likely be affected, and not in a good way.

To put it in one sentence: Even though you work for someone, you’re on your own.

Rest assured, though:

The Bridge To Freedom Business™ Movement Puts You In Total Charge Of Your Potential

You know, all that untapped expertise you have developed, that is currently under-utilized?

You CAN create your Bridge To Freedom Business™, even while you are working full-time.

You can have a Fortune 500 Executive, wife, and mother who got promoted 7 times in 8 years, tripled her income, and launched her Bridge To Freedom Business™ while excelling at her full time job AND working 20 hours less per week, on your side and in your corner as your “GPS” to guide you there!

Karen Kieffer“Kelly helped me create and execute a no-fail plan to achieve a 20% growth in my business in record time!”

“As a business executive working full time and building my own company, partnering with Kelly gave me the focus, strategy and encouragement to expand into a new market, onboard a new employee and streamline our company growth strategy all while continuing to excel in my full time position!”

— Karen Kieffer
Owner of Pfitzer Pest Control


Which of these results can you see yourself enjoying right now?  Check all that apply:


The Bridge To Freedom Business™ Movement Gives You The Keys To Your Financial And Lifestyle Liberation

And, the model applies to pretty much any business you want to start.

We will provide you the tools, skills, knowledge, and resources that can be applied to any Bridge To Freedom Business™.

Just a few possible examples (other than coaching and consulting), and how you can make them happen while working your full-time gig, include:

  • A seasonal landscaping / grass-cutting business you manage and build from your cell phone at lunchtime and on your computer at night, where others cut the grass and you “rake in” the dough;
  • Your cash-cow residential cleaning business – do two houses yourself on weekends immediately as you build a business with employees who clean houses for you, while you “clean house” in the corporate boardroom;
  • A fun marketing design (web, graphic, etc.) business where, using our system, you effectively outsource 90% of the work during the day while you “design results” at work, then come home at night and fine tune design miracles to your own clients;
  • An incredibly leveraged print-broker business where you make smart deals from your smart phone, and the print shops print for your clients all day long while you climb the corporate ladder. You’ll be “printing money” for yourself at both your corporate job AND your Bridge To Freedom™ Business!

What Bridge To Freedom Business™ can you launch, starting today?

Discover How We Help “Corporate Warriors” Start A Prosperous Business While Still Working Their Day Job >>>

“Coaching with Kelly Roach has dramatically improved my Quality of Life!”

Kim Phelan“Working with Kelly gave me the strategies and tools to stop working 14 hour days and weekends! By learning key productivity, leadership and delegation strategies I am now able to focus on raising funds and creating educational programs to take my organization to the next level. I highly recommend coaching with Kelly for high achieving individuals that need balance, structure and guidance to get to the next level, in every area of life. Once you make the decision to work with Kelly, you will wonder- why didn’t I do this 5, 10 or 20 years ago? I am so glad I did!”

— Kim Phelan
Vice President, Coalition for Hemophilia B

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