Craig Cody on Saving Your Income Through Proactive Tax Planning

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Today’s guest episode of USR features the money-saving expert Craig Cody!  As a certified tax Coach, CPA, and a bestselling author of Secrets of A Tax Free Life, Craig has seen many people make the same costly mistakes over and over again when it comes to saving their income.  


“Some people record history, and some make history.”


Craig first came into the public accounting field because of an interest in estate planning.  But as he gained more and more experience, he realized his passion was helping small business owners. In analyzing business returns, personal returns, and everything in between, Craig has been able to work with thousands of companies in creating blueprints that help uncover hidden deductions throughout their everyday business endeavors.  


In this episode, you will learn:

-how to uncover the tax mistakes and pitfalls you’ve been making so you can turn them around and save yourself money

-how to stop missing out on tax deductions with Craig’s step by step recording and documenting plan  

-the top tips for keeping more of the hard-earned income you work so many countless hours creating


“Work hard and smart to keep as much money as possible.”


In addition to tax planning, Craig’s company offers traditional tax services as well as off site CFO services. With a dedicated and passionate team by his side, he is able to provide daily guidance and advice to business clients from all backgrounds. Craig’s company continues to take on new clients daily in hopes of furthering the general understanding of how tax deductions work so more people can start saving  more of the income they work so hard to create.


Mentioned in this episode:

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