This begs the question:

Do You Own Your Business, Or Does Your Business Own You?

Listen: I’ve worked with hundreds of business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. The biggest problem I see, time and time again, is what they do, and what they say they want, are incongruent with each other.

They say they want a freedom-based lifestyle. But it’s been 3 years since they took a vacation, or even two consecutive days off.

They say they want to do only what they are passionate about. Yet they continue to take on opportunities they don’t want, and put up with clients they don’t enjoy, to make ends meet (instead of developing a proper marketing and lead-generation system).

They say they do it for their families. But why is there so much tension at home because money’s tight and there’s never time to spend with their families?

They say their business will help them retire. However, as it stands right now they know retirement would be a fate worse than death, financially speaking.

They say this will be their “best year ever”. They said that last year, too. And the year before. And the year before that. But they don’t have a plan to do anything different, or get any help achieving their goals, that could make this a reality.

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