How to Build Credibility

How to Build Credibility

Are you just starting to build your dream entrepreneurship? Are you wondering how to build credibility?

From the time we had to give speeches in class, wondering how to build credibility amongst your audience was a challenge in itself.

It took pathos, ethos and logos to get your message across and convince everyone that your argument was true.

It’s not just our past, it’s in everyday life.

In everyday life, making the arguments necessary to establish credibility isn’t easy.

However in business, to make sales pitches and close sales, you have to use your past experiences, put yourself out there in the business world and going out to make sales are just some the strategies.

It’s not easy. Most people don’t use their past to their advantage or take on clients in order to begin closing sales!

When asking yourself the question of how to build credibility, following these three steps will get you closer to creating the dream business you have been wanting.


  • Don’t forget your past experiences!
    • Those moments got you to where you are now and you shouldn’t push them aside.
    • Sit down and figure out how the past led you to be a new in what you are doing now in your business.
    • Smart entrepreneurs don’t disregard these moments. They use them to realize it facilitated their growth and create sales.
  • Take on beta clients
    • Are you struggling to realize the success you have made thus far? Do you not have the stories of your successes?
    • Go get beta clients within your chosen field.
    • Offer a free 30-day trial to in return have a conversation about YOUR business and the products and or services you are selling to create professional credibility.
  • Start making sales!
    • Just by having the confidence to go out there, people will agree to purchase your services. If you are confident, they will be too!
    • SHARE what you know, ASK to make a sale, and PEOPLE will agree!

Achieve success within your business and gain credibility in just three easy steps!


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